Front Rank Late 17th Century range available for order

Front Rank Figurines are now accepting orders for their 28mm Late 17th Century range.

17th Century range figures

From their announcement:

The new range is suitable for the Monmouth Rebellion 1685, the Irish Wars 1689 to 1691 and the War Of The Grand Alliance.

The initial release of 51 figures are Flintlock Musketeers, Grenadiers and command. Available as individuals and also in money saving Special Deal Packs. To see all the new figures go to

  • Matchlock Musketeers will follow in August/September 2010
  • Pikemen in October/November 2010
  • Cavalry, Artillerymen and Generals Xmas 2010/early 2011

The beautiful brushwork is by Steve Dyer, figures sold unpainted. The wonderful flag is by John Hutchinson (not supplied by Front Rank)