From the Flintloque Archives – Two Classic Scenarios

Orcs in the Webbe have two classic Flintloque scenarios posted up online for your playing pleasure.



From the post:

Heya Folks,

Today on Orcs in the Webbe you can find two articles from the dim and distant past (well, the nineties anyways) dusted off and reproduced as part of our ongoing Flintloque Archive Project where we hope to one day to have every piece of old Flintloque content online for your perusal. Both are from Conrad EJ Gonsalves lost website Tanelorn, specifically ‘The Forlorn Hope’ – its Flintloque dedicated pages.

The first, ‘Mordred’s Supply Wagon’ by Conrad himself was actually published on OITW back in April but at the time I was not in possession of the map so didn’t do a press release. Now however, with kind thanks to Conrad, I do have it so you can see the full scenario as it was originally intended. In it Mordred’s finest must retrieve what is rightfully theirs from Dark Elven guerrillas whilst a combined Orc and Dwarven force tries to do the same.

Find it here.

The second, ‘You Shall Not Have It’ was written by Dave Toone and is online once again also with the original map. Ousted from their posts by the Ferach invasion of Catalucia a small surviving group of Dark Elf Caballeros joins forces with a rag tag bunch of guerrillas to protect a village housing an important supply depot.

Find it here.

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