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From the Flintloque Archives - Sharke's Shovels

Orcs in the Webbe has another classic Flintloque scenario updated for the latest edition over on their website.


From the post:

Heya Folks!

Today Orcs in the Webbe brings you a classic adventure featuring none other than the one of the true luminaries of Valon, Rekhardt Sharke. Based on Benard's Cornwell's Sharpe, Sharke was a mainstay of Flintloque in the 90s, many fans coming to the game straight from either the novels or the TV Series.

Today's adventure, 'Sharke's Shovels' by Simon Evans was first published back in the Spring of 1996 in the second issue of the original Wessex Games' Orcs in the Hills magazine - the magazine which I originally based my website on.

I have updated the names it to fit into the current edition of Flintloque and made a few notes (in red italics) showing how you can get the most out of the scenario with the current rules.

Keep the Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe