Friends Like These Adventure Now Available For Star Wars RPG

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion couldn't afford to lose any of their resources. They were facing a huge military machine in the Empire and every base and shipyard was precious. Well, unfortunately, the manufacturing facilities on the planet Xorrn have been discovered. The Empire is only 2 days away, and it's up to the heroes to do what they can to prepare. That's the story behind Friends like These, a new adventure for the Star Wars RPG, available now.


This 96-page, full color book adds a lot to your Star Wars games, even if you don't follow the adventure, specifically. You get three new planets to explore, a bunch of NPCs, as well as the stats to create your own Mandalorian characters. While designed for the "Age of Rebellion" time-period, it'd also fit well with "Edge of the Empire" and even "Force and Destiny."

You can pick up your copies now.

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