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Friends and Foes Add-On Announced For Green Horde

As with the big-box releases for Zombicide, there's a smaller-box expansion that goes along with it. In the case of Green Horde (currently up on Kickstarter), it's the Friends and Foes box. There's some new survivors, new familiars, and some new tiles, full of zombie goodness.

From the announcement:

Hail Survivors! Announcing the Friends and Foes Optional Buy for Zombicide: Green Horde. This is a full expansion that will enrich your Zombicide adventure. Friends and Foes adds new Survivors and faithful Familiars, but they will have to face off against Tainted Walkers and an Abomination. This expansion also includes five new double-sided landscape tiles and 10 new challenging quests! For the Green Horde!

The campaign continues to chug along with still 21 days left to go.