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Friday Snippets

This has been quite a week. There's been all the excitement coming out of GAMA, with lots of great announcements being made. And tomorrow I've got Board Game Day up at the library. I'm feeling a bit drained from it all. Better nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Halfsies Dice - The World Tour On Kickstarter, Blacksmith Miniatures: World of Jean-Baptiste Monge On Kickstarter, The Adventurer's Collection Tabletop Soundtrack on Kickstarter, New Hammer Objective Markers Available From Kromlech, Syrinscape Announces License for Starfinder RPG, New 6mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles Released, and Gaming Accessories Weekend Promo Happening At Bits of War.

Halfsies Dice - The World Tour On Kickstarter

Halfsies Dice are a super unique line of 7-die sets that's reinvigorating the dice market. Made of high density resin and beautifully colored with 2-tone semi-translucence with a pearlescent swirl. They feel fantastic in the hand and roll with ease. But we didn’t stop there! We sent Halfsies Dice on a world tour. That’s right, 50 unique dice prototypes sent around the world to 50 different locations. With avid gamers taking photos of every destination along the way … it’s all in the name of world unity. Best of all, Kickstarter backers can help choose the dice set we create next!

Blacksmith Miniatures: World of Jean-Baptiste Monge On Kickstarter

French illustrator, author, and painter since 1994, Jean-Baptiste Monge created his own universe across illustrated books, such as "Celtic Faeries." Now, he lives in Montréal (Canada) and works as a Character Designer and Visual Development Artist for CG Animations and Movies. Jean-Baptiste Monge is also a member of the Society of Illustrators (NY).

The Adventurer's Collection Tabletop Soundtrack on Kickstarter

On release, the collection will consist of approximately 50 tracks but I aim to continue expanding and adding more tracks until there is copious amounts to choose from for every possible situation!

Aside from being streamable in various places and on various websites including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. the collection will have it's own website where tracks can be streamed by selection from a list or by simply clicking on one of the "event" buttons! These buttons will play randomly through a selected list of tracks tagged for that event! These buttons will include things like "Town", "Battle", "Boss Battle", "Dungeon", "Suspense", etc. So whenever you need a change in mood, just hit the button!

New Hammer Objective Markers Available From Kromlech

today we have released two new Gaming Accessories:

Hammer Objective Markers green
Hammer Objective Markers orange

Each set contains six Hammer Objective Markers made from fluorescent acrylic with engraved hammer logo.
Each marker is build from two pieces, 40mm round base and a banner which are sold as separate parts that you need to glue before use.

Syrinscape Announces License for Starfinder RPG

Syrinscape, creator of the award-winning apps that bring tabletop games to life with movie-like sound, is thrilled to announce it will continue its partnership with Paizo Inc with the development of the official sounds of the forthcoming Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Syrinscape makes this announcement, along with the debut of Syrinscape retail gift cards, today from the Game Manufacturers Association trade show in Las Vegas.

Starfinder SoundSets and SoundPacks from Syrinscape will accompany Paizo’s epic new science fantasy adventure with a slew of brand new, realistic sound effects, music, environments and more. The first of these are scheduled to release in tandem with the Starfinder RPG at Gen Con Indy, August 2017.

New 6mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles Released

Today we’re releasing more reinforcements for our 6mm Hammer’s Slammers forces. There are uparmoured versions of the M2A4UA tank and M9A7 combat car, plus new artillery support on the form of the M53 20cm Artillery Hog.

The new tanks have extra armour plating pretty over the entire hull and turret, while the combat cars also have additional hull armour, plus extra plating that fits over the existing mesh splinter shield.

The M53 Hogs are enormous vehicles, as big as a blower tank and with a turret that wouldn't look out of place on a naval destroyer ! The M53 can empty its six-round ready magazine in just 15 seconds and the ammunition options include nuclear, nerve agents and cluster rounds as well as the usual array of conventional munitions.

The models are all available singly, or we have new army and detachment packs that replicate the existing organisations but with the uparmoured vehicles instead. There's also a new artillery pack with hogs, mortar jeeps and command and observer vehicles.

HS-1600u – Friesland Defence Force Army Pack – £25.00
HS-1601u – Uparmoured Tank Detachment – £11.00
HS-1602u – Uparmoured Combat Car Detachment – £11.00
HS-1604 – Artillery Detachment – £10.00

HS-1611b – M2A4UA Uparmoured Blower Tank – £1.50
HS-1611c – M2A4FUA Uparmoured Command Tank – £1.50
HS-1612d – M9A7 Uparmoured Combat Car – £1.00
HS-1614 – M53 20cm Artillery Hog – £1.50

Gaming Accessories Weekend Promo Happening At Bits of War

new Weekend Promo is active :)
All our Gaming Accessories are 15% cheaper till the end of Sunday.
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