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Friday Snippets

*drags myself to the next post, clawing at the ground as I go*
This has been some week. New office. Bunch of visitors the the office. And with GAMA next week, I've had several late nights working on (redacted). But, yesterday I got to watch the preview video for (redacted). So that was cool. But yeah, I'll be very happy when that show happens and all the announcements are made. With all that going on, stocking up on some bite-size gaming stories is simply a necessity. So let's get to it.

Today on the platter we have: Khurasan releases modern alien invasion range, March Updates from Advanced Deployment: Dice Towers and Freebies, Ultra Clear XCase: Expandable Transportable Display Case On Kickstarter, The Children of the Sands Sci-Fi Minis On Kickstarter, New Storm Cannon Platform Available From Kromlech, Wreck Age Vehicles Kickstarter Launching March 17th, Brigade Models - New 15mm Neo-Soviet SF Tanks, and Two More Weapons Platforms Released by Kromlech.

Khurasan releases modern alien invasion range

We are very pleased to release our latest line of 15mm Sci Fi models, the modern alien invasion range. Available are the Science Caste, the War Caste, the war robots of the War Caste, and the colossal four legged alien war machine, the city-killing Maneuver Element. We believe that, with the possible exception of a model Ratte released in 15mm scale, and of course some terrain pieces. the Maneuver Element is the largest 15mm model released for tabletop play as a unit. Compare it to the T-62 shown underneath it! It can be purchased with a variety of leg poses.

A full background for the range is provided, and the intention is that the range can be used against modern combat models, but of course you can use them for whatever you fancy. Available now.

March Updates from Advanced Deployment: Dice Towers and Freebies

New goodies in the Advanced Deployment store!
We've got dice towers, which can be customized, more MKIII tokens, and wider measurement sticks.

But the thing we're most excited about? Freebies!

As we are a print on demand store, we have very little room for back-stock. Yet, every time we make new product we must have a physical copy of it on hand. That's why we're pleased to announce free addons!
For every order over $25 you can go to this album and put your order number in the comment section and we'll add that to your order free of charge!

This is just our way of saying thank you for your order, and helping get rid of some back stock!

Ultra Clear XCase: Expandable Transportable Display Case On Kickstarter

Active Minds Games, the Creator of the Mage Cage and XCase expandable, transportable, display case for Miniatures and small collectibles has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a brand new Ultra Clear variant which takes the display feature of the XCase to new heights.

The Children of the Sands Sci-Fi Minis On Kickstarter

The Children of the Sands Kickstarter is now up and running.
Small, robed scavengers, wooly pack beasts and a second chance to grab the older denizens of the dunes.
Check it out to find out more.

New Storm Cannon Platform Available From Kromlech

can you hear that sound? This is the sound of death from above...
We have a new release today:
Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Storm Cannon

Wreck Age Vehicles Kickstarter Launching March 17th

Hello all,

It's just over a week until our Vehicles Kickstarter launches and we are getting really excited! We would love it if you could spread the word among your friends and gaming groups so we can grow our community even more with your help.

We have also released revised quick start rules in our web store, which is of course, free

Brigade Models - New 15mm Neo-Soviet SF Tanks

This week we're releasing two new 15mm Neo-Soviet tank models, and reintroducing some figures to accompany them. The Vombat and Bars are used by Neo-Soviet Guards armoured divisions instead of the smaller Bizon used by regular units.

The Vombat is an Urban Combat vehicle with infantry carrying capabilities. It’s heavy armour allows it to go deeper into a hostile urban environment than a light-skinned APC could, carrying its cargo of four infantry.

The Bars on the other hand is a pure main battle tank, losing the infantry compartment in favour of larger fuel tanks for increased range and a heavier ammunition load.

This also seemed an ideal time to bring back the former ArmiesArmy Neo-Soviet guards figures. Guard units wear flexible splinter-resistant composite fabric face masks with integrated breather units to keep out dust, pollutants and chemical/biological agents. Some formations, especially when facing irregular insurgent forces, wear red masks to increase the intimidation factor.

SF15-1211 – Vombat Tank/Apc – £9.00
SF15-1213 – Bars MBT – £9.00
SF15-1260 – Guards Riflemen (x10) – £3.75
SF15-1261 – Guards Support Weapons (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1262 – Guards Command (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1271 – Guards Rifle Platoon (x32) – £11.00
SF15-1273 – Guards Assault Platoon – £30.00
PP15-1213 – Bars Platoon Pack – £26.00

Two More Weapons Platforms Released by Kromlech

today we have released two more models for our Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform line:
Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Gatling Autocannon
Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Heavy Plasma Cannon