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Friday Snippets

The weekend is pretty much upon us. We just need to finish up this afternoon and we'll be there. Do you have plans? I'm still unsure. Though I think I want to make a cheesecake, because it's been a while since I've made cheesecake. Probably make more strawberry-lime sauce to go with it. Or maybe I'll do raspberry-lime. I don't know. But there's still time to think about it. In the meantime, we gotta fill up on some bite-size gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: West Wind Productions Announces Panzer Mech Kickstarter, Ninja Division Announces Relic Knights 2nd Edition Kickstarter, Wiley Games New Home Of Fistful of Lead, New Animal Explorers From RN Estudio, Khurasan releases M1152 with canvas cover, New Releases From Hitech Miniatures, New Release from Kromlech, and Rectangular Bases on Sale From Micro Art Studio.

West Wind Productions Announces Panzer Mech Kickstarter

Panzer Mech

Hi, Here at West Wind we are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Kickstarter "Panzer Mech".

Panzer Mech will focus on producing a new range of 3D designed and printed Weird WWII Mecha.

Backer Rewards: In addition to a great saving on the RRP of the models, backers will have up to 3 mech pilot models added to their reward for FREE.
On achieving our Objectives, FREE Stretch Goal miniatures will also be added to our recommended Pledge Level - "Mech Commander".

Ninja Division Announces Relic Knights 2nd Edition Kickstarter

Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures are excited to announce Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and its first expansion Void Break. Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and Void Break will feature new and revised rules for the Relic Knights miniature skirmish game, a new 2-Player Starter, brand new units, beautiful new sculpts for many existing units, gorgeous new art, and exciting fiction continuing and expanding the Relic Knights universe. The Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Rulebook, 2-Player Player Starter, and Void Break expansion book will be launched through Kickstarter in the last half of February, 2017.

Wiley Games New Home Of Fistful of Lead


Fistful of Lead, the quick-and-easy wargaming rules for gunfights in the Wild West, now has a home at Wiley Games. You can find both hard copy and pdf versions of our Wild West rules, custom card decks, miniatures and game accessories there along with the new Horse & Musket versions.

New Animal Explorers From RN Estudio


We present our new small range of miniatures for your favorite dungeon crawler game.
Animals Explorers is a set of 4 miniatures, these miniatures are made by the finest quality resin, easy assamble and awesome details.
Size fit perfect with the most usual games miniatures in the market from other manufacturers, get an unique look for your games!

Khurasan releases M1152 with canvas cover


We have just released the latest model in our 15mm modern US Army range, the M1152 uparmoured HMMWV with canvas cover and extended exhaust pipe. This truck serves as a cargo or troop carrier. Available now.

New Releases From Hitech Miniatures

Hello ! A bunch of news from us. Check this out . Warrior Priests squad, Cicero, Trivion and Centinex V. Enjoy .

New Release from Kromlech

today we have opened a new category in our store.
HDF Bases - 3mm thick
You will find there many different sizes of round bases :
Round 20mm (50 pieces)
Round 25mm (50 pieces)
Round 30mm (40 pieces)
Round 32mm (40 pieces)
Round 40mm (25 pieces)
Round 50mm (15 pieces)
Round 60mm (15 pieces)
Round 80mm (10 pieces)
Round 100mm (5 pieces)
Round 130mm (3 pieces)
Round 160mm (3 pieces)
If you would like to rebase your army in economy way then that is a choice for you. Those kind of bases are also very handy while you paint your models and you do not won't to glue them to their final base during the process.

Rectangular Bases on Sale From Micro Art Studio


Rectangular bases are on sale! We're pulling them out, giving a 20% discount on ALL types of RECTANGULAR BASES, available until expiry of the stock. Hurry up, some of them are already very limited!