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Friday Snippets

Friday is once again upon us, dear readers. Oh what a glorious day it is, indeed. The weekend stretches ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities. Hopefully those possibilities include gaming-related goodness. My D&D game last week included using Unseen Servants to use an ogre corpse like a marionette. ... ... I've... got a weird group.

Anyway, as is our custom, we've collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

In this batch we've got: Another World Miniatures announces new Indiegogo campaign, New 10mm SdKfz 251/20 'Uhu' (WWII German) from Minifigs, More codes in Khurasan's re-release of Testudo ECW/TYW range, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Kabuki Models' original sculpture on sale, Dice Tower Award Nominations Posted, Battle Systems sneak peak of new terrain line, T1 Gaming Supplies Launch Event, Universal Adventures Adventure Module #3 Death Knell Delve Part I Now Available, Microworld Games 6mm Demons Released, Punkapocalyptic coming to Indiegogo on May 4th, Multiverse Gaming webstore is open, New 40mm bases from Dark Art Miniatures, and Dolmens and Dragons - An Entwickler Adventure from a Time before The War.

Another World Miniatures announces new Indiegogo campaign


At the end of May we will launch an incredible indiegogo campaign...!
Full of new great miniatures and special early bird offers!

New 10mm SdKfz 251/20 'Uhu' (WWII German) from Minifigs


NOW AVAILABLE from Miniature Figurines:
10mm Sdkfz 251/20 'Uhu' - World War II German
£3.30 each (unpainted)
Code: TL11

This is the latest addition to our extensive 10mm WWII range.

More codes in Khurasan's re-release of Testudo ECW/TYW range

We've just added photos for three more codes of the former Testudo range of 15/18mm English Civil War/Thirty Years War models:
Shooting musketeers (thirteen poses)
Field gun and crew
Light guns (x2) and crew

The models are available now. More is coming soon....

Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP

Celestial Knight WIP

The work on CELESTIAL KNIGHT is going on pretty much well!
Irek 3D is doing an excellent job because the amount of details and textures is simply insane!

It's the final model in the Knights Of Legend range and we want to give you our very best.
It should be finished in the next 2 weeks.

The miniature will be 50mm tall at the eyes and cast in urethane resin.

Stay tuned for more infos!

Kabuki Models' original sculpture on sale


For the very first time in our history we're offering to our customers the original sculptures of the earliest Knights Of Legend models.
Those pieces of art are still in very good conditions but since we already used them for moulds, the price we ask will be much lower than what we paid them to the artist.
Detail level is astonishing and they are still unassembled (and clearly unpainted).
Don't miss the chance! They are all one-of-a-kind items!

Dice Tower Award Nominations Posted

The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower Network is proud to announce the nominees for the best games of 2014. A jury of more than fifty Dice Tower staff, prominent bloggers and reviewers went through all the games released in English in 2014, and chose the five best in each category – with ten games nominated for best game of the year.

The winners of each category will be announced on June 26th, at the Dice Tower Convention in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to all the publishers and designers who were nominated, and we hope that gamers will have a list of truly excellent games to seek out and play.

Battle Systems sneak peak of new terrain line

New Terrain

We have been working hard on the next terrain line and want to give you a sneak peak at some of the early production models. As always this is 28mm scale and ideal for many game systems. Grab your zombies, marines, survivors, modern warfare troops as they will all work for this new terrain genre.

T1 Gaming Supplies Launch Event


T1 Gaming Supplies launch event is finally here! Learn what The Gaming Supply Revolution™ is, how you can be a apart of it and win some sweet prizes!

Universal Adventures Adventure Module #3 Death Knell Delve, Part I, Now Available

Part 1

Chaos reigns in Ravenor as monsters rampage through the streets. What new horror has invaded the town? Are you brave enough to seek it out? Are you bold enough to survive the Death Knell Delve?

Continue the adventure begun with Assault on the Underworld and Scourge of the Scurvlings with Death Knell Delve! The biggest, baddest Adventure Module to date, and one you won’t want to miss, Death Knell Delve is jam-packed with new material to confront and confound your characters with, including new monsters, tricks, traps, treasures and more! This adventure is so large we’ve had to split it into two parts! Suitable for use with any fantasy role playing game, and playable solo or with a group, with or without a GM, Death Knell Delve, Part I, brings you a fun and exciting adventure you’ll be able to play again and again. And, if you like and you don’t mind getting a little creative, you can combine this adventure with DK1 Death Fog.

Gather your characters, enter a new and exciting world of fantastic adventure and prepare to undertake the Death Knell Delve!

In addition, from now through the end of April Assault on the Underworld, the first in the Adventure Module series, will be available at 20% off.

Microworld Games 6mm Demons Released

We are proud to announce the release of our 13th (see what I did there?) 6mm Fantasy army, the Demons!

Punkapocalyptic coming to Indiegogo on May 4th


Hi, my name is Marcos García and I would like to introduce our game Punkapocalyptic, in case you didn't know of it, as we are about to enter a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo next 4th of May to launch our third complete faction.

The rich and mighty have created mega-cities for themselves and left the rest of the world devastated. The struggle for resources and survival is fierce. Life is worthless. Bands of gangers raid villages, dangerous mutants lurk in the ruins ... Welcome to the Wasteland, welcome to Punkapocalyptic.

Multiverse Gaming webstore is open

Multiverse Gaming

The Multiverse Gaming webstore opened on Wednesday, April the 22nd. Multiverse Gaming is a new Polish company producing lasercut terrain for 15mm and 28-35mm wargaming.

New 40mm bases from Dark Art Miniatures


Hi all! We now have 4 new 40mm hero bases up for grabs!

These cover the Lava, Infested, Sci-fi Deck and Demolished themes.
Thanks for looking.

Dolmens and Dragons - An Entwickler Adventure from a Time before The War

Dolmens and Dragons

Happy Saint George's Day! Today sees the third of this year's Saint's Day scenario launched on Orcs in the Webbe (OITW).

Panzerfäuste's world of mechanised warfare is a long way from that of standard fantasy but that's where its origins lie.

Back before Aberlich's Dwarves stormed across The Land and Chûrg-ill rallied his loyal Orcs, today's scenario by Luke Passingham is a tale of the heroic

Dwarven inventor Entwickler and his stalwart allies, the Heroes of The Lancet, as they battle the last true Dragon and the feared Dragon-Master, Belric...