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Friday Snippets

Man, it is busy over here on this side of the screen. Pretty much all week there's been stuff going on. I'm sure that's part of why it feels like it's really flown by... And I've still not really gotten a handle on what I'm going to do with my D&D group tomorrow! Gah! There'll be time for that later (hopefully, theoretically, grammatically, esoterically). But, if we're to keep up our energy, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Avignon: Pilgrimage Coming To Kickstarter in January, CloseYa network is open for a public beta in US, WW1 Themed Dice to be released in January from I Will Never Grow Up, Aenor Miniatures website Online, Week 3 December Deals Available From Greater Than Games, Merry Bitsmass Weekend Promo from Kromlech, and 3D Preview Posted For Ether Wars.

Avignon: Pilgrimage Coming To Kickstarter in January


Rekindle the flames of faith first stirred up in John du Bois’ Avignon: a Clash of Popes. The 2-player standalone expansion Avignon: Pilgrimage introduces new ways to push and pull your way to Pope, even more characters with new powers that change with their position, and alternate setups that create even more variety. Gameplay is like that of the original Avignon, using the characters' unique powers to pull the character cards over to their side of the table (their congregation), or force an opponent to push cards towards them. The first player to get three characters into their congregation wins. Play Pilgrimage by itself or combine it with the powers from A Clash of Popes to add new levels of strategy and tactics while preserving the quick and accessible gameplay of the original.

CloseYa network is open for a public beta in US


Local gaming communities play a crucial role in the hobby games ecosystem. They help you to discover new games and allow you to meet people interested in the games you love. Hundreds of online sources provide information on what’s going on in your local gaming community, but crawling through such jungle is not always easy and straight forward.

Therefore, District Games just launched CloseYa, an online network for players willing to discover and keep in touch with their local community. How many players of the games I like are there in my city? What events are planned for the next week? Is there anyone out there interested in joining my RPG group? All of these questions could be easily answered with CloseYa.

WW1 Themed Dice to be released in January from I Will Never Grow Up


Coming in January to the I Will Never Grow Up Games webstore are a new set of 16mm World War One themed dice designed and produced by Field Marshal Games.

The War to end all Wars!

These Custom crafted WW1 COMBAT DICE were made with one purpose.. to show all contenders that you dictate the course of history!

A great addition to any First World War combat game that uses a D6 combat system, these dice are custom made with the national emblems of the major allies, the British Empire, France, Italy, the United States and Imperial Russia as well as the Central Powers, Imperial German, Turkey and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Each die is cast in the oft used colour to match the playing pieces of that nation.

The world is full of Armchair Generals. Show your opponent your military and tactical prowess with Field Marshal Games WW1 Combat Dice.

Each set contains 48 dice (6 dice per nations x 8 nations)

Aenor Miniatures website Online

Aenor Miniatures'website is finaly ready and the 8 first miniatures are now vailable in the online shop!

To celebrate the website's launch and the end of the year holidays, the shipping is offered for all orders of 60 euros or more until 31/12 included, and thematic bundles of the first realese are available until new realeses are in!
you can get the full collection of 8 models, or just the 4 fantasy ones or 3 horror ones at a special price.

Week 3 December Deals Available From Greater Than Games


Sentinels Tactics Tourney Pack


Get everything you need to play your tactical encounter on a 3D level!

Merry Bitsmass Weekend Promo from Kromlech


Christmass is coming !
This weekend we are going to help Santa in his hard job to deliver presents for all good hobbyists and players around the globe :)

This weekend all orders above 50 euro will receive a free product from us.
You can choose any Kromlech bits product you like, all those with
Reference: KRCB

How it works?
During checkout process write a note with a product code, for example KRCB154, and that's it, happy Goblins at Kromlech will add it to your order :)

3D Preview Posted For Ether Wars


This is something we are quite proud of. Thanks to the skills of our teammate Carlos Gomez, we have created a 3D model of Ether Wars where you can move around the playing field at leisure. You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate, and above all experience the game in a fresh way. Feel free to share it in your gaming groups! :-)