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Friday Snippets

Well, this rocket-fast week is rocket-fastly coming to an end (yes, I made up a word there. It's not a very good word, but there it is). The weekend stretches before us like a blank canvas. Personally? I'm going to be playing some Guild Ball, putting together some Kingdom Death (or, hopefully, just playing more Guild Ball :P ), and then making a fruitcake (because I actually like fruitcake). But that's as may be. If I'm going to be doing all that, I should fill up on bite-sized gaming stories to make sure I get through it all.

Today we have: Gamelyn Games announces Heroes’ of Land, Air & Sea, Steampunk 35mm Miniatures from Topexx Dominions Now Live on Kickstarter, HSD Miniatures Expansion 1 on Kickstarter, and Battle Dice Weekend Promo From Bits of War.

Gamelyn Games announces Heroes’ of Land, Air & Sea


A new 4x fantasy board game by the award winning designer, Scott Almes. With illustrations from the prolific, Adam P. McIver, and miniature sculpts from the fine hand of Chad Hoverter.

Steampunk 35mm Miniatures from Topexx Dominions Now Live on Kickstarter


Space Monkeys Down has created some amazing steampunk characters for our upcoming game, Topexx Dominions. The two core figures of the Kickstarter campaign are Captain Bryant Templeton and Amzi Goodenough. Each miniature comes with its own custom designed base fit for 35mm miniatures. We created the figures so everyone can enjoy them while we continue developing the mechanics for the roleplaying game.

Topexx Dominions is a steampunk fantasy setting that we created. We created the setting about two years ago as part of another project, but it’s been only in the last six months that we’ve worked on the setting in earnest, and only in the last month that we’ve worked on RPG mechanics. We fleshed out some of the characters with some personalities, backgrounds, and illustrations. So we asked ourselves...what if we took some of these Topexx Dominions characters, talked to our friends at The Phalanx Consortium, and had them sculpt some fantastically detailed metal miniatures? And this Kickstarter came to be!

So far, we have two factions in our world, but we're working on adding more. Our first faction is the steampunk-inspired faction called the Kelrands. The Kelrands are a mixture of humans, dwarves, and other similar races that combine the latent power in topexx crystals with technology to create technomagic, which defines and drives their society. The second faction is a nature-inspired faction called the Hos'lathi. The Hos'lathi are a mixture of elves and other fae races that harness the power of Nature stored in the topexx crystals to create enviromagic. Enviromagic allows them to shape their environment to the benefit of all living things.

HSD Miniatures Expansion 1 on Kickstarter


Welcome back everyone! This is the first expansion kickstarter for the HC SVNT DRACONES tabletop miniature line! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this line of modular, customization tabletop anthro miniatures was initially funded right here on kickstarter and allows you to mix and match dozens of components to create unique looks to represent your anthropomorphic heroes in HC SVNT DRACONES or any other urban/scifi setting you'd like to use them in. The store is live and running great, and our first round of funding gave us a wonderful selection of initial options.

But it's time to grow! We really wanted to get unique body shapes like taurs and laterals (HSD-speak for non-humanized shapes) into the initial launch, but the funding just wasn't there after all the other launch costs were covered. So this time, now that the store is already in operation, we're focusing primarily on that. When this kickstarter completes, we aim to provide at least four individual heroic quadrupedal characters, and with a little extra effort, integrate them as tauric lower body options for the existing HSD miniature line too!

Battle Dice Weekend Promo From Bits of War


I love those Fridays when we can offer you a special deal :)
Today is one of those !

Battle Dice Weekend Promo

I can't explain that but I love a fresh pack of dice. If that would be possible I would like to have a new one for every game :) But then there won't be any left for you to purchase ;)

There are 16 different sets of 12mm dice, each consists of 35 pcs.
Classic solid material and pearl versions.
My favorite set is Lifeless White. Find yours :)
20% discount is active from now till the end of Sunday.