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Oct 28th, 2016

We’ve been waiting for this all week. Or, at least, I have been. It’s Friday! Woo!
Tomorrow, for me, looks like it’s going to be filled with some cooking, because it’s some for some Halloween goodies to be made. I’m sure a lot of you have Halloween-related plans scheduled. Halloween’s all about getting bite-sized treats, so let’s do just that with some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Forge of Ice Sleazy Merchant & Sleepy Sentries on Kickstarter, Brother Vinni Releases Veteran Chaingunner, New Releases And Sale At TinMan Miniatures, Spooky Bases Halloween Sale Going On At Micro Art Studios, and Free Halloween Pack and Weekend Sale on ePic Character Generator.

Forge of Ice Sleazy Merchant & Sleepy Sentries on Kickstarter


One of the longest-running staples of sword-and-sorcery, high-fantasy fiction has been when the imprisoned heroes sneak past the drowsy guards to make their escape.

Characters stealthily making their way past sleeping sentries to grab the treasure or rescue a hostage have been part of roleplaying since before the days of First Edition AD&D, and yet, there haven’t been any minis depicting these archetypical hapless mooks.

Until now! Bobby Jackson & Kev White have sculpted this set of Sleepy Sentries & their Sleazy Merchant boss for Forge of Ice, and they’re currently available through Kickstarter. The campaign is over 200% funded as of this writing!

Many other figures from the Forge of Ice range are available as purchasable add-ons, as well.

Brother Vinni Releases Veteran Chaingunner


Welcome new model by Brother Vinni.
Veteran chaingunner. 4 parts, resin casting.

New Releases And Sale At TinMan Miniatures


TinMan has some new releases and everything is 30% off until November 13.

Spooky Bases Halloween Sale Going On At Micro Art Studios


Graveyard steeped in howl,
Spooky wraiths from the past,
Possessed are the souls,
Prices down until Halloween lasts!

Free Halloween Pack and Weekend Sale on ePic Character Generator


ePic Character Generator has just announced that two new packages are available for the Season #2 bases: The Female Warrior can be purchased, while the Halloween package is free until the end of November!

There’s also a 20% discount on everything running over the weekend which will end on Monday. Now is a good time grab some of the finest packs for a heavily reduced price, especially if looking at the Bundles available.

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