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Friday Snippets

This week seems just interminable. There's still half of today to go. I'm hoping to make it through, though. Got some plans to hang out with a good friend this evening and have some pizza (homemade, as in the crust and the sauce started as things like bread flour, Roma tomatoes, onion, and some olive oil), then hopefully do some gaming tomorrow. Tomorrow's plans just became a bit clouded, but still hoping they work out.

Either way, filling up on some bite-sized gaming stories will help. So let's get to it.

On the platter today, we have: Knight Models Teases Next Release, Kromlech New Release: Guardsmen Veteran Heads, Prospero Expansion Released Talisman Digital Edition, Brother Vinni's River Fear Now Available, and Frazetta's Masterpieces: Death Dealer Up On Kickstarter.

Knight Models Teases Next Release


Allow us to break the ice!

Kromlech New Release: Guardsmen Veteran Heads

Hi, we have a new relase for you :)
This time something for brave Guardsmen.
Guardsmen Veteran Heads
Fits for veteran squads, sergeants or special forces models.

Prospero Expansion Released Talisman Digital Edition

In the dark days of the 30,000 millennium when mankind's strongest warriors turned on themselves no other planet was more impacted than Prospero. The defiance and struggle between brother Legions of Space Marines forever broke the spirit of the Imperium.

On Prospero, Magnus the Red and his Legion, The Thousand Sons face the ultimate censure for their forbidden studies of warpcraft. Leman Russ and his Space Wolves are sent to punish them by any means necessary. Fighting alongside the Space Wolves are the Sisters of Silence and the Custodian Guard, elite allies sent by the Emperor himself.

The new expansion will contain additional stratagems, locations and a new incantations deck to explore!

As a loyalist, you can play as the primarch Leman Russ or Geigor Fell-Handed his trusted leader. As traitor, play as Magnus the Red or Ahzek Ahriman for the Thousand Sons. Both factions can also play as a powerful psyker the Legion Librarian.

Brother Vinni's River Fear Now Available (note: naked monster girl through link)


Hello all! Welcome new model by Brother Vinni. I called her "river fear of hairless apes" 28 mm, resin casting.

Frazetta's Masterpieces: Death Dealer Up On Kickstarter


A range of figures, models and goods inspired by Frank Frazetta and his iconic Death Dealer character in particular