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Friday Snippets

We've once more made it to the weekend.
Well, almost to the weekend, anyway. We've still gotta finish today. But hopefully that won't be too painful to get through. Then... Yeah, I just love weekends. And as I've mentioned a couple times, tomorrow's going to be cram-packed full of gaming. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully your day is likewise scheduled.
But before we get there, we should fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Tau Heavy Rail Cannon Array From Forge World, Iris Coming To Kickstarter in January, Purgatory Kickstarter is close to another stretch goal, New Mk IV tank From LaserCutCard, Two New APC Turrets Available From Kromlech, and Q'thulu Mini Up On Kickstarter.

New Tau Heavy Rail Cannon Array From Forge World


The Tau Heavy Rail Cannon Array is the most powerful armament yet developed to be mounted on the KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour without structural damage being incurred from its use. It was created to eliminate the toughest enemy targets at extreme range.

Iris Coming To Kickstarter in January


In Iris, players will work together to manage human populations and rebellious clone work forces while settling four newly discovered planets. Players have the goal of minimizing clone attacks and maximizing human survival rates. The game has major puzzle and memory mechanics that forces players to rely on one another for both game play decisions and remembering details. Iris takes the tension, collaboration, and challenge of larger cooperative games and puts them into an elegant 20 minute micro game.

Purgatory Kickstarter is close to another stretch goal


Purgatory by underestimated games has been going now just under a week and has funded, unlocking 3 stretch goals along the way. You can get your hands on a stunning Alternate Siren model just for backing £10!

The next stretch unlocks Slayer, which also unlocks Judas who is available to "Big Spenders" for Free!

New Mk IV tank From LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard has released a 1/48 scale model of the famous Mk IV tank. The basic kit creates a standard Mk IV tank from 1917 but there are several upgrades that make this kit useful in other game systems.
The turret set adds a “Matilda” turret to the top of the tank, as featured in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
The extra sponson set adds a front sponson and gives you three large bolt guns, for a grimdark look.
Finally, there are three different extra gun options: a battle cannon, twin auto cannons or a gattling cannon.
All the gun options have holes for a 5mmx1mm magnet, letting you easily magnetise the options.

Two New APC Turrets Available From Kromlech

I have some more good news for you today.
Let's start with the best.
We have reached 16000 likes at our fanpage!
On behalf of whole Kromlech Team I would like to say thank you for ongoing trust and support. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to do what we do here at Kromlech thanks to you, our customers, clients and fans. I believe that we will deliver you many more fine products and I hope you will enjoy them all in years to come.
To celebrate this occasion we are having a 16% discount promo till the end of Sunday.

What's more we also have two new products for Legion Armoury

Legionary APC turret: Twin Lascannon
Legionary APC turret: Twin Heavy Flamer
Please note that recently we have also released turrets and Sentry Guns with other weapon systems.

Q'thulu Mini Up On Kickstarter


Bestialwars miniatures is glad to introduce Q'Thulu, a model sculpted by Danilo DeFrancesco and cast in white metal. Shipped with a textured scenic resin base and Art card of the model (both kickstart only).

A model for collectors and for players who enjoy roleplaying games and wargames.