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Friday Snippets

I don't know about you, but my week has been busy. Lots of news. Lots of proofing projects. Lots of e-mails to reply to about a myriad of things. And tonight's going to be busy, too. Friend's birthday party tomorrow, so I'll be doing some baking to take to the party. Pumpkin snickerdoodles, to be specific. I'm going to make them a lot smaller than my usual cookies I make, then make a cream cheese filling and basically make them Oreos with it. It's the first pumpkin-flavored thing I'm making this year.
Speaking of bite-size morsels of joy, we've got our regular assortment of stories for you.

On the platter today we have: Kromlech New Release: Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun, Trapdoor Bringing Playbook Digital RPG Companion to Android, Mage Company launches new website for Dungeonland, Smart Device App Dized Being Soft-Launched October 2016, The Board Game Show Interviews The Donner Party Game Designer Greg Porter, New Lamia Available From Brother Vinni, Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Funded, Three New Mechs Available From Raging Heroes, Kromlech Weekend Promo: Orc Mech-Boss, and New Releases Available From Scotia Grendel.

Kromlech New Release: Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun

Hi, we have a new release for Legion Armoury today.
Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun
Each gun has two alternative gun muzzles.

Trapdoor Bringing Playbook Digital RPG Companion to Android


Playbook Essentials simplifies your gaming table: it eliminates piles of books, folders fat with campaign notes, lost character sheets, and the paper shuffling required to get into the game and just play. Never again will you have to flip to the index of several books while the action grinds to a halt.

To get the game up and rolling, we created Playbook for Pathfinder, the integrated end-to-end RPG companion that is searchable, hyperlinked, and allows GMs to share maps, get initiative (or any) rolls zipped over to their tablet, plus a host of other features. It's the digital tablet of holding.

What it didn't have; however, was a version for Android. This Kickstarter will allow everyone—iOS and Android alike—to have access to the best gaming tools around. We hear you and we agree. Let's have Playbook for Android.

Mage Company launches new website for Dungeonland

12 Realms Dungeonland is a new standalone game. This is a dungeon crawling game where powerful magic has mutated the lands of the 12 Realms, invading on their tales and attempting to change them forever. Evil spreads everywhere, twisting and mixing the tales in sinister stories where the ending is never good. Horrific villains have back back to take revenge on the heroes of the tales, this time more dangerous than ever.

Smart Device App Dized Being Soft-Launched October 2016


Dized is soft-launched just before the Spiel expo in Essen this October. The interactive board game tutorial application will be free to download for Android and iOS operating systems and hosts its first tutorial for the game Race to the North Pole, with others to follow.

“While rulebooks and manuals have little by little disappeared from many other products around us, they have not with board games. Instructional videos are helping with the situation but we believe that play-along, interactive tutorials are the way of the future. We have removed the need for the time-consuming and sometimes tedious studying that has been necessary before a game can start”, says Anna Lapinsh, the product manager of Dized.

The Board Game Show Interviews The Donner Party Game Designer Greg Porter


Designer Greg Porter: “ It was just one of those “perfect storms of bad luck” things. They lost people before they even got to the mountains. Accidental deaths, disease, old age, fights, murder, that sort of thing. They lost vital supplies to Indians, took a short cut that wasn’t, and the delay let them get just far enough into the mountains to get buried by an early blizzard.”

New Lamia Available From Brother Vinni

Hello, dear sirs!
New model for our Nuclear Sandlot series: Raider Girl.
28 mm scale, resin casting produced by Brother Vinni.
As usual, this miniature is aviable in the webstore

Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Funded


The Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Kickstarter launched on Oct 4th and in a day was funded. Now it's time to start on the stretch goals. First up at $2000 is Me'Thule the Robotic Knight

Me'Thule is a crossover character of ours, he was originally designed to be part of our "Omega Saga" universe, and he still will be but we loved him so much we wanted a Chibi version as well.

So after we converted him into a chibi we thought long and hard of what Super Chibi world did we want to put him in. The first choice was Super Chibi S.E.E.D. since we will have cyborgs, mecha, and all that good stuff there. But to use that was the easy choice and we did not want it to be easy. So we put him in the world where he would be the most out of place and make a difference. You see Me'Thule is a robotic knight. He has the same core values as that of a knight of old and even follow a code of conduct that he himself, created. So with that values, why not drop him into the world of crime filled sector 7. So that's what we did.

Now Me'Thule will unlock at $2000 and be 30mm, cast in resin and will require assembly. Also, the pic you see above is not the final pose, our Sculptor Heriberto Valle Martinez will be given control to design a pose for him that will fit.

Three New Mechs Available From Raging Heroes

Are you ready for some scifi mechanic madness? Raging Heroes are finally releasing the TGG Mechas from their first Kickstarter, The Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy.
Each Mecha is posable with the ball-joint system, so you can tweak them as you want and make awesome dynamic poses. Also, each one comes with 1 pilot + 3 heads options, and of course one 50mm round base.

The 3 TGG Mechas are now available, one for each TGG faction: Jailbirds, Iron Empire and KST. It's time to upgrade your army to the next level of awesomeness.

Kromlech Weekend Promo: Orc Mech-Boss


another ORCtober weekend, another Orc weekend promo :)

Orc Mech-Boss in Kustom Mecha-Armour

Big, angry and smart :)
Chief creator of all Orc wargear !

20% discount is active till the end of Sunday.

New Releases Available From Scotia Grendel

Hi Folks!

As we promised in last newsletter, for this month we've prepared more Undead Orcs.

So let's take a look on them.

Generic Fantasy Range
For GFR range we have prepared two packs of Undead Orcs:
GFR0108 - Undead Orc Champions
GFR0109 - Undead Orcs warriors III

Urban War
For Urban War we have prepared five packs:
13117 - Veteran Colonial Marine Mortar Team
13505 - Brood
13317 - Artemis Class Alpha Biomech
13113 - Veteran Marine Sniper
13123 - Veteran Marine HGR

For Accessories range we have prepared two packs:
ACR55 - Open Tank Hatch
ACR57 - Heavy Gatling Gun

Range reorganisation
During last month we also reorganise few codes in our offer. Few changes in code names and pack's content:
10073 - Straight sandbag sections (6)
10074 - Sandbag wall corner sections (6)
10083 - Sandbag Sections (31906)
10084 - Oil Drums and Jerry Cans (31907)
10085 - Crates (3) (31908)
10086 - Ammo Boxes (3) (31908)
10087 - Armoured Bridge (31909)
10088 - Gun Emplacement (31910)
10089 - Ruined Walls (31911)
10090 - Pill boxes (31913)
10091 - Sci-Fi Doors (F0008)
That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!