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Friday Snippets

Brace yourselves, everyone. The weekend is just about here. In only a couple of hours, the work week will be over and we'll be free to have a couple days to do whatever we want. I've... not fully decided what I'm going to get into yet. Might just take it easy this weekend. Might have to find a new recipe to try out, though. But that's for tomorrow. For the moment, what we have is a group of bite-sized gaming stories for you.

On the platter: Fanboy Forge Store Back Online, Cardboard Edison to Release Cobras on Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art 25mm Ancestral Ruins Bases Now Available, Raider Girl by Brother Vinni Now Available, The Army Painter Announces New Paint Sets, and Brigade Models Releases New Grav Bikes.

Fanboy Forge Store Back Online


After a long, dark,quiet period offline the store is back up! New products are in the pipeline, with some classic products in the hopper as well. We kick off our opening with these new Scrap Objective Markers!

Cardboard Edison to Release Cobras on Kickstarter


Cardboard Edison announced that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 for its first publication, Cobras.

Cobras is a trick-taking game for 1-5 players where knowing when to win a trick is key to winning. Players must lose tricks to collect cobras, then win a trick to exchange them for points. Timing things just right is the game's core challenge, and if you push your luck too far, you might get bit!

Tabletop-Art 25mm Ancestral Ruins Bases Now Available


The Ancestral Ruins deal contains 20x random 25mm resin bases.

Raider Girl by Brother Vinni Now Available

Hello! We released a new model: Raider Girl. 28 mm miniature, resin casting. This miniature is aviable in our webstore.

The Army Painter Announces New Paint Sets

Years in the making and by strong demand from the many hobbyists and painters all over the World using their products, The Army Painter recently announced the new and complete Wargaming range of Warpaints ready at the end of the year.

Spearheading the release of the full in store display rack with all 124 Warpaints available individually – we are proud to announce two new Paint Set in stores December 1st.

Brigade Models Releases New Grav Bikes

Today we have a change from our recent array of 6mm SF and VSF releases with a new 15mm model. This is a PacFed grav bike complete with rider. It's a three-part metal model (bike, handlebars and foot rest) and come in packs of two.

We'll have stocks of these and our other recent new releases at our two upcoming shows - Blast-tastic! this Saturday (October 1st) in Bristol, and SELWG ay Crystal Palace on October 9th. We then finish of our show year at Crisis in Antwerp on November 5th - and we should have more new releases to tempt you between now and then.

SF15-714 - PacFed Grav Bikes (x2) - £3.00