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Friday Snippets

Well, as was expected, Thursday has turned into Friday. The week's still going by quickly (that's NOT a complaint). So it should be almost no time before I'm headed home for a lovely weekend of... I'm not 100% sure what I'll be up to this weekend. Having spent the last two Saturdays driving ~9 hours, if I just was to chill at home, I'd be able to handle that. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't stock up on some bite-size gaming stories in the meantime.

Today we have: Final Minutes for Wander on Kickstarter, FossilPunk Foundry To Launch Sauriana Kickstarter, Pre-orders open for Full Battle Rattle Miniatures modern Canadian Infantry, Organisers Guide to Tanks OPS Kits Posted, Victoria Miniatures Universal Victorian Guard Now Available, Drawlab Running Legendary Dice Throwers Kickstarter, Poorly Dubbed Action Heroes Paper Minis Now Available, Brigade Models Release 6mm Kirin Walker, and New Tokens & Templates for WW2 Gaming from Sally 4th.

Final Minutes for Wander on Kickstarter, Shows New Artwork

We'd like to remind everyone backing the campaign that all these designs are planned playable heroes for the eventual game release! However many we can get funded or released before we can get the game out will be potential playable heroes. The idea behind all this is that any time you played through the game, you could do it with enough options in both heroes, scenarios and gear to make the game massively more fun and repayable.

We are really hoping we can get Jon unlocked, and most likely we will be able to get him produced even if we get close to the goal! We want him as a mini just as much as you guys, and with your help we can make that happen! If there's someone who's been sitting to the side, wondering if they should back or not, NOW is the time! Even if you don't want a full level pledge, there's plenty of models and awesome add-ons available to help out our overall goal! Lets see if we can't make this last push happen guys, we are only a few backers away and know we can make it, especially with YOUR help! :D

FossilPunk Foundry To Launch Sauriana Kickstarter

New game developer FossilPunk Foundry has launched, and is gearing up for a kickstarter campaign to fund their flagship product, the 54mm miniature game Sauriana- a pulp adventure, 19th-century styled game of epic proportions. Catering to dedicated hobbyists and competitive gamers alike, Sauriana boasts fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay with deep tactics and a range of high-quality resin miniatures unlike any other.

With their first few miniatures in production, FossilPunk Foundry aims to launch a kickstarter campaign to fund their initial launch in Q3 of 2016, and aims to bring a better class of miniature wargame to the community - offering competitive play support and tournament packages, an online community, and a hobby and story-focused narrative that allows players to express themselves creatively.

Pre-orders open for Full Battle Rattle Miniatures modern Canadian Infantry

We are very excited to announce we have opened pre-orders for the first four packs of our 28mm Modern Canadian range. We expect to start shipping orders at the end of summer, but we have some special bundle deals for those that pre-order!

These miniatures will allow you to field Canadian infantry from 2008 onwards, for South-West Asia, Ukraine, What-If, etc. Each one has been carefully researched and adjusted by veteran members of the Canadian Armed Forces, for the most accurate depictions possible.

There is plenty more to come, so make sure to sign up for our news letter, and take advantage of our pre-order specials today!

Organisers Guide to Tanks OPS Kits Posted

We take a look at the contents of the first Organised Play Season (OPS) Kit for TANKS. Each month there is a new kit that contains themed terrain, participation prizes and a pile of material to help the event organiser or store owner. Over the course of 3 months players will fight their way through an iconic campaign from WW2, leading to a conclusion where one player becomes that Seasons Champion.

Victoria Miniatures Universal Victorian Guard Now Available

Hi folks,
The popular Victorian Guard are now available as Universal Squads, this means you can choose whatever Victoria Miniatures weapons you would like to equip your squads with, or you can use plastic weapons from other troops.
This release features the Five Man Male Squad and The Ten Man Male Squad.
The Female Victorians are currently on the workbench and will be added to the Victorian range in the next few months.

Thanks for reading, V

Drawlab Running Legendary Dice Throwers Kickstarter

Dice Throwers

Legendary Dice Throwers are the new take on board game accessories, upgrading the idea of dice towers transforming them into an impressive but also fun accessory.

Each Dice Thrower has its own, distinct style, both aesthetically and mechanically giving a different table feel. Separate pledges will be available combining several dice throwers for better prices. Among with the Dice Throwers, an awesome dice tray is provided in the form of the King's Castle.
Backers of the campaign will also enjoy the benefit of worldwide free shipping.

Poorly Dubbed Action Heroes Paper Minis Now Available


Serene Fist Set Five: Poorly Dubbed Action Heroes brings the action and mayhem of marital arts movies to your tabletop with a set of 24+ finely drawing paper miniatures. Great for use in action, superhero or other modern settings, this set provides you with plenty of heroes, mentors, thugs and ninja. This is a layered PDF giving you six options of colours for the basic set.

Brigade Models Release 6mm Kirin Walker


This week we're releasing another new 6mm model, the Kirin Combat Walker (the release should have happened last week, but I forgot to upload everything to the website before I went on holiday !).

The Kirin comes in three versions, with Gatling, Laser or twin-Powergun armament. There is also a Lance pack available with two of each model in it.

We'll have these available at the Joy of Six show on Sunday, along with all of our recent other 6mm releases and also some as-yet-unreleased items including the Larminat laser tank and some new buildings. I'm also planning to take along a number of items from Angel Barrack's excellent SF range.

We also have something else new and rather exciting, but you'll have to find us on Sunday to discover what that is !

SF15-1509a – Kirin Walker with Heavy Gatlings – £1.50
SF15-1509b – Kirin Walker with Heavy Lasers – £1.50
SF15-1509c – Kirin Walker with Twin Powerguns – £1.50
IC-1515 – Kirin Lance – £8.00

New Tokens & Templates for WW2 Gaming from Sally 4th

This week sees some new additions to Sally 4th’s range of gaming tokens and templates, with new items added for both Bolt Action and Combat Patrol gamers.

Combat Patrol Advanced Token Set - £12
Laser cut / etched from 2mm MDF, a selection of tokens and status markers to cover vehicle and infantry combat, includes:
• Wound x 22
• Double Wound x 11
• Morale Test x 22
• Stunned x 11
• Out of Ammo x 18
• Un-spotted x 13
• Indirect Fire x 2
• Buttoned Up x 2
• Vehicle Damage (2 sets of 12)
Combat Patrol Clear Acrylic Templates - £6
Set of clear Perspex templates for Combat Patrol. Precision laser cut from 2mm clear acrylic sheet (Perspex)
• HE, Small
• HE, Medium
• HE, Large
• Flame Thrower, 1 shot
• Flame Thrower, 3 shots
WW2 Status Markers
Set of Status Markers for WW2 Gaming, great for recording detail in Bolt Action games.
Laser cut from 2mm MDF
Set contains
• NCO -1 x 10
• Loader -1 x 10
• One Shot x 5
• Morale -1 x 5
• Flanking x 5
• Hidden x 5
• Crew Stunned x 5
• Knocked Out x 5
• Immobilised x 5
• On Fire x 5