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Friday Snippets

Well, for those of us here in the US, it's been a bit of a shorter week this week, what with the holiday on Monday. I've always preferred holidays on Mondays as opposed to Fridays, since then, after a long weekend, you've got a nice, shortened week before the weekend is back once again. And you know my thoughts on weekends. But before we get there, we need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On today's platter we have: Wander Reaches 100 Backers And Posts Stretch Goal Update, Age Past Revised Core & Companion Kickstarter Launching August 1st, Covert Intervention Games Buys Force20 Ranges, and New Sentry Gun Available From Hitech Miniatures.

Wander Reaches 100 Backers And Posts Stretch Goal Update

Stretch Goals

Wow, we've hit 100 backers! We couldn't be happier! It puts us ever closer to our goal, and with 8 days left on the campaign we are going into the last week in a great position :D Getting the word out to more backers is always key, so lets keep it up folks!

Now, hitting 100 backers is a major milestone for any Kickstarter campaign, so it seems like we need to share something to celebrate the we came up with an idea! Our stretch goal graphic is lacking a little bit in substance, so we decided to get creative with a few character silhouettes to give you guys a taste of what we've got in mind. Check it out!

Age Past Revised Core & Companion Kickstarter Launching August 1st

Age Past

SMG is launching a new revised edition of Age Past: The Incian Sphere, along with a companion book. The Crowdfunding effort is set to launch on Kickstarter August, 1st.

Age Past is a sandbox fantasy RPG that places emphasis on player agency and creating unique character archetypes. The core rule book contains over 400 full color pages with amazing art, stories, and game tools. The Companion book, Sand & Woe, focuses on the Incian Sphere's Southern desert region and contains new spells, powers, and optional rules along with an open world campaign.

Full color and formatted PDF books can be downloaded from the Kickstarter preview page along with a fielded PDF character sheet.

Covert Intervention Games Buys Force20 Ranges


Covert Intervention Games is now the owner of the Force20 brand name and Force20’s Modern and Dark Future figure ranges. Available now, the Force20 ranges are part of Covert Intervention’s development of near and far future game and product offerings.
Also available, while it lasts, is a limited stock of All Quiet on the Martian Front products. Visit the website to see what’s new and available.

New Sentry Gun Available From Hitech Miniatures


28mm scale Sentry gun "An-thrax" available also as set of 3 models.

Sentry Gun An-thrax
One model in blister
Multipart ( 6 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represent "Anthrax" - tripod/ sentry gun.
This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and requires assembly.Total height: 44mm
1) Body 2) gun 3) leg 4) leg 5) leg 6) skull head