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Friday Snippets

It's Friday, everyone. Keep calm and we'll get through this just fine and then move onward into the bliss that is the Weekend. My gaming is going to start early, as when I get out of here, I'm going to an Irish Pub nearby for some bangers and mash. Afterward, it's back to my place for Guild Ball (gonna teach a friend that's been wanting to learn since Adepticon). But before I head out, I'm going to have an appetizer of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New 360 Video Posted by Red Panda Miniatures, UNITS - Post-apocalyptic Loot Cards on Kickstarter, Gale Force 9 demos Tyrants of the Underdark at Origins Game Fair, The Army Painter Running Zombicide & Wulfsburg Painting Bundle Deal, Biohazard Game Contest Happening Now, New X-wing and Armada Accessories from CorSec Engineering, Kromlech Weekend Promo Announced, and Dust USA At Origins.

New 360 Video Posted by Red Panda Miniatures

Just 4 days away from launch…it seems surreal! There’s been so much hard work and dedication that’s gone into the designs and production of the Wander line. On top of developing the eventual boardgame, we even have people helping to write the fluff and backstory to the world! Its amazing to see what kind of fantastic work that’s being produced for us and hearing from our fans. We really believe that we are bringing something unique to the industry, and so far most people agree which couldn’t make us happier. With the upcoming kickstarter, we could make it all a reality and start off this line on a grand scale! You guys can help us do that. Make sure to help share not just this websites posts, but our posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! The more people know about the campaign better the chances that we’ll be able to fund and get moving into some great new designs we’ve got drafted!

All this week we’ve been keeping a similar theme with sharing these 360 video’s of our base models in the kickstarter. Today is no different, and we are proud to present Fynn the Hunter! What do you guys think? ?

UNITS - Post-apocalyptic Loot Cards on Kickstarter


UNITS - A new take on generic loot cards for all types of post-apocalyptic, modern and zombie tabletop role-playing games.

The Scavenger Deck consists of 54 illustrated loot cards that will work with all post-apocalyptic, modern and zombie pen and paper role-playing games.
Instead of aiming at one particular role-playing game (RPG), we wanted to cover them all.

Gale Force 9 demos Tyrants of the Underdark at Origins Game Fair

Gale Force Nine are at the Origins Game Fair this weekend, showing off the new Dungeons & Dragons board game, Tyrants Of The Underdark.

You can also check out the wider GF9 and Flames Of War ranges of Boardgames, Team Yankee as well as the new World War 2 skirmish game TANKS.

The Army Painter Running Zombicide & Wulfsburg Painting Bundle Deal

The new Zombicide Black Plague expansion Wulfsburg comes with even more miniatures to the already packed Zombicide Black Plague boxed game and for some gamers it can be challenge to get them all painted. By using The Army Painter Technique: Spray - Paint - Dip – Done! you have a fighting chance to get your Zombie miniatures painted and on to the gaming board fast.

For the next 14 days The Army Painter is running a special complete Zombicide Black Plague FULL bundle including Wolf Grey primer for the Wulfsburg Expansion, with a saving of over 15%.

1 Black Plague Warpaints Set
1 Colour Primer: Necrotic Flesh
1 Colour Primer: Wolf Grey
1 Quickshade Strong Tone
1 Zombicide Warpaint: Glistening Blood
+ 1 FREE Zombicide Warpaint: Survivor Skin
+ 1 FREE Anti-Shine Matt Varnish spray

Price: €76.46
Price: $92.95

Offer ends June 30th

Biohazard Game Contest Happening Now


Sigma Corp. soldier with mp5a3 smg
We present you the first actual sculpt for Biohazard Game, a Sigma Corp. soldier wearing a tactical vest and armed with MP5A3 submachine gun.

First miniature ever is quite a big day - so, to celebrate, we have a giveaway!

New X-wing and Armada Accessories from CorSec Engineering

We have some great new products for X-wing and Armada Players!

Kromlech Weekend Promo Announced

weekend promo

this weekend we have a two-handed close combat weapons weekend promo :)
All available here:
Stygian Two-handed Weapons
Technomancer Staves
Vibro Glaives

20% discount is active till the end of Sunday.

Dust USA At Origins


The Dust USA crew has landed at Origins Game Fair!

Come and meet the team, plus get the buzz about Dust 1947 with a printed rulebook of the latest version of the game available to read at the booth.

New miniatures await and if you don't know the game, you are welcome to give it a try at the demo table!

Origins runs from June 15th to June 19th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.