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Friday Snippets

Once more we stand on the precipice of the weekend. But before we dive over, we'd best make sure we're well-stocked with gaming goodness. Good thing there's a tray of bite-sized gaming stories right here for us to nosh on. So let's dig in.

Today we have: New Web G.I.S. for tabletop RPGs, Warsong coming to a tabletop near you, One Page Rules Updates Orion's Gate, Kromlech's Weekend Deal posted, and New Dice and Decals from Forge World.

New Web G.I.S. for tabletop RPGs


More than 4.000.000 Square Miles and countless information to help our narration with extra "Dungeon Master" Tools. Photos, history and description about places, monuments, dungeons, buildings, building owners and many more! A whole new world created in Geographic Information Systems and it is live through a Web-G.I.S. Server! W.O.A.L.M. or World Of Ardenith Last (of the) Multiverse is the new era for tabletop-RPGs. Check it out.

Warsong coming to a tabletop near you


Have you ever wanted to wield not just swords, but Fate itself? In Warsong: The Fall Of Eldorande, you can do just that. This game is being published by up-and-coming design company Higher Grounds, and written by Frisco designer, Ray Machuga. In Warsong, you play one of The Fated, being chosen from birth to guide the course of destiny for the world, and everything in it. Sound like a lot of pressure? It is. You'll delve into ancient tombs and experience epic dungeon crawls, and be immersed in a story that is rich in historical context and mythology. Warsong: The Fall Of Eldorande is a fantastic mix of high role playing and monster slaying. It's sure to be a game that will revolutionize how we see the dungeon crawl. Check out their Kickstarter, which is estimated to start June 13th, 2016.

One Page Rules Updates Orion's Gate

Orions Gate

Today we are proud to release the first official update for Orion’s Gate, which adds a lot of stuff you guys have been asking for. This little game has already become a big hit among our community with lots of people talking about it and posting battle reports on our forms.

Anyway, the update slightly modifies a couple of the existing rules, but more importantly adds a whole bunch of new rules. We have added new components, added advanced rules, there’s a lot of exciting stuff.

Kromlech Weekend Promo Posted


it is Friday. Do you know what it means?
Yes, I know, the beginning of Euro 2016 but no, that's not what I mean ;) It means that we have a Weekend Promo for you active from now till the end of Sunday. This weekend you can purchase two products with 20% discount:
Legionary Jump Pack
Chaos Legionary Jump Pack

New Dice and Decals from Forge World