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Friday Snippets


I hope everyone's got some gaming scheduled for the weekend. I've got some minis to put together from DreamForge-Games, myself. Should be a good time.

Anyway, we've got our collection of bite-sized stories we want to share to you before the weekend.

This installment we have: Mk1881 Cabiri Wood Elf Team on Indiegogo, 15mm Fantasy Human Buildings released at, New Fantasy Football Accessories from Sally 4th, Steve Barber Models Taking Pre-Orders for Salute, Deep-Cut Studio releases swamp themed gaming mats, Kev's Creatures Coblynau released at Alternative Armies, New Glue and Cutting Mats from Kromlech, and New Releases from Scotia Grendel Posted,

Mk1881 Cabirir Wood Elf Team on Indiegogo

A new line of elves fantasy football miniatures. We are merging 3D design with classic miniatures.

15mm Fantasy Human Buildings released at

HOB01 Set

Now released! Five of the best 15mm fantasy or medieval or ancient structures you will ever see (not my words but from customers) our first set of buildings at 15mmcouk. Also our Spring Season Offers are live so use the code to get 15% off and a free Goody Bag too in every order. Its a win, win! Click through to read more and see more plus get the code. Thanks. GBS

New Fantasy Football Accessories from Sally 4th

Sally 4th have released a useful set of templates and accessories for Fantasy Football games such as Bloodbowl, to accompany our popular range of spectators, scoreboards and stadium models.

Templates are made from robust 3mm Perspex with clearly etched markings.

Products include:

Passing Ruler: £6.00
Scatter Template: £3.00
Throw In Template: £2.00
Balls x 4: £1.50

Steve Barber Models Taking Pre-Orders for Salute

Steve Barber Models

Its that time of the year again. The Salute show this year is on the 25th of April. We will be attending with most of our ranges. Our ranges are now so big we can't take them all.

So, please pre-order to ensure that we have the miniatures you want to purchase on the day, and so be sure to avoid disappointment!

We will be bringing all our latest miniatures. Including our 28mm Franco Prussian War, Greek War of Independence and new Prehistoric Settlement range.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Deep-Cut Studio releases swamp themed gaming mats

Swamp Map

New gaming mat release! We are starting the month with the addition of swamp theme wargames mat to our range. This release was probably most challenging to create design-wise, but Jan Jasinski outdone himself again. Let the pictures at our gallery speak for themselves. The mat is manufactured on PVC or cloth in the popular 4x6, 4x4, 3x3 sizes but custom prints are available to suit the size of any table. Come, check it out, but watch your step - it’s slippery and deadly when wet. And it’s always wet in here…

Kev's Creatures Coblynau released at Alternative Armies

By popular demand now re-mastered and released the classic Alternative Armies set of Coblynau. Part of the 'Kev's Creatures' range this pack has eleven different lesser goblins in it and we offer a saving for three packs or sub-packs by weapon type. Great for all 25mm/28mm systems and Oldhammer. Also remember its our Spring Offers month so its FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 10.00GBP and a free Goody Bag in all orders (just add to cart we do the rest). Go on Treat Yourself!

Thanks for Reading.

New Glue and Cutting Mats from Kromlech


we have a new release today.
New addition to our modeling series. Now when buying our resin models you can also equip yourself with a super glue.
We have two kinds:
Super Glue - Normal
Super Glue - Thick

New Releases from Scotia Grendel Posted

A new month starts, so it's time for new releases. We've prepared five new packs for the Generic Fantasy Range, and restocked two 1/300 models. Let's move on to our new releases.

Generic Fantasy Range
As in previous months, let's start with the personality pack. Brotas The Orc Chieftain - his two swords will be enough to keep his party in check. Another two packs are the command packs: GFR0044 - Northmen Swordsmen Command and GFR0064 - Western Spearmen Command. Both packs now are also avaible in regimental packs. The last two packs are GFR0068 - Western Border Watchmen II and GFR0075 - Western Border Watchmen Command, also available in our regimental pack.