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Apr 15th, 2016

We once more find ourselves perched on the precipice of the weekend. We’ve been working all week and soon it will be time to kick back and relax for a couple days. Of course, I’m sure for many of you, “kick back and relax” means “get in all the gaming action you can!!!” which is cool, too.

We should stock up on bite-size gaming stories.

Today’s serving includes: New Centurion Banner From Puppets War, Trump This Card Game Coming To Kickstarter April 19th, Bizaza Guard – Ancient Frog People from the Future launches on Kickstarter, Khurasan releases 15mm Raug alien soldiers, Thomarillion released new items, Kromlech New Release: Orc Sparkk Energy Cannon, Last chance to Get 25% off with EZPainter Intro Deal: Ends May 1st, Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy Releases 4/15/2016, and New Cataphractii Shoulder Pads From Forge World.

New Centurion Banner From Puppets War

Centurion Banner

Set contains one resin Centurion Banner with right palm grip. Model is designed to fit 28mm “heroic” tabletop wargames scale (60 mm heigh), supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed and sculpted by Puppetswar Art Team.

Trump This Card Game Coming To Kickstarter April 19th

Trump Card Game

Can you dis’ like the Don?

Love him or not, we can all agree that GOP front runner Donald Trump has become a media monster with his one-liners and podium slams. Now it’s your turn. BARD Games announces the launch of Trump this… on Kickstater, April 19th.

In TRUMP this…Players quote the Don to slam on politics, history and each other in a race to deliver the best Trump Cards. The best slam wins the deal, the first to 4 deals wins the game.

This is a social game with a relevant, political twist as it references public quotes to inform players. How players choose to apply the quotes to various topics becomes fun, informative and a social deduction game… best played with beer and pretzels.

Kickstarter fans will have the option to vote on a quote for add-ons and other offerings, including a Print n’ Play option.

Regardless of your affiliation, this game is your chance to bring political incorrectness to your next gathering and find out who has mastered the art of the slam.

Bizaza Guard – Ancient Frog People from the Future launches on Kickstarter

Frog People

We are a couple of sculptors, based in Ireland, who want to create a unique range of physically sculpted, high quality white metal miniatures for science fiction and fantasy gaming with some oldschool individual character.

We are currently Kickstarting our first release which consists 6 “Bizaza Guard” white metal miniatures for 28mm gaming.

We plan to follow up with further Bizaza troop types to expand the faction over the coming year.

Currently funding with 28 days left.

Sculptors Sean O’Sullivan, Dorota Stefanska

Khurasan releases 15mm Raug alien soldiers

We are very pleased to release the newest codes in our Soriog Alien Empire range, the Raug. These fierce predators serve their Soriog masters in subject regiments of Ceepay — slightly taller than humans, they are formidable adversaries in their own right. As a somewhat restive subject population, however, they are not sufficiently trusted to provide their own command at platoon level, a Soriog magnate invariably leading the platoon along with an assistant. Often attached to a platoon will also be a Raug Winghowler (seen as a healer by the Raug, identified as powerful practitioners of psionic medicine by the Federal intelligence), and between two and four Soriog “gun dogs” for heavy fire support.

The packs released today are the Raug Ceepays with autoguns, Raug Ceepays with section support weapons, and Raug platoon command (which contains two Soriogs).

The “gun-dogs” will be released very soon.

Available now.

Thomarillion released new items

Thomarillion released several new items:
A pair of geese
A coachman
A farmer and his wife
A set of three Traders
A set of walls
A tombslab
The skull of a giant

Kromlech New Release: Orc Sparkk Energy Cannon

today we have a new release.
A mighty machine of destruction for Orcs.
Orc Sparkk Energy Cannon
Firing white hot plasma blasts which destroys every type of infantry and light vehicles.
Once in a while it leaks and disable the gunner but who cares with such irrelevant detail 😉

Last chance to Get 25% off with EZPainter Intro Deal: Ends May 1st


All good deals must come to an end and this time it’s the EZPainter INTRO DEAL. Now is your last chance to redeem the 25% off deal with no miniature limit and no catch! The deal ends on May 1st and is a fantastic way to get your piles of unpainted miniatures on the table super quick for amazing prices.

The deal is only available to new customers. But if you are not satisfied you will be guaranteed your money back 100% as is the 100% confidence guarantee at EZPainter.

Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy Releases 4/15/2016

Special Offer
I am pleased to offer out 1st Special Edition Miniatures. Any orders placed between now and April 30th at Midnight for $75 or more will receive a set of 3 awesome Drunken Dwarians! Any Orders of $150 or more placed between now and Midnight on April 30th will receive a set of 6 Drunken Dwarians and a Pack of 15 Human Civilians for FREE!

More great releases this week for the Battle Valor Fantasy 15mm Range.

We have the Frigian Cavalry with Hand Weapons and Shields on Lightly Armored Horse. There are 16 metal figures in this pack.

The Dwarian Pony Cavalry with Spears and Shields. There are 16 metal figures in this pack.

The Decian Axemen with Shields. There are 35 metal figures in this pack that allow you to build a variety of poses.

Create an account on our website and receive a PERMANENT 10% Discount.

New Cataphractii Shoulder Pads From Forge World

Give the elites of your army the marks of your Legion.

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