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Friday Snippets

And we've made it to Friday.
In some ways it's been a short week, since I worked from home on Tuesday and thus have only been in the office 3 days. However, being still tired from Adepticon has mitigated that somewhat. So I'm very ready for the weekend. I need to sort through my Adepticon loot. Mostly, I need to put together my last two Fishermen models and my new Masons team for Guild Ball. How about you guys?

To help me get through, I think I'll snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing I've got a batch right here.

Today we have: Infinitas DM - Tabletop RPG Campaign App on Kickstarter, Carpathia Kickstarter Launching April 14, Dreamwars to hit Kickstarter in a few weeks, Roll for your life with these Mutant Chronicles dice, New 30mm and 40mm Round-Lip Pirate Ship Bases Deals From Tabletop-Art, Free Trial of Skirmish Virtual TableTop Happening Now, Totentanz hajduks available, Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy New Releases, and Afro-Zombie Launches Mini Crate Kickstarter.

Infinitas DM - Tabletop RPG Campaign App on Kickstarter

Infinitas DM

Infinitas DM is a Tabletop RPG campaign management and map making app entering the last 9 days of its Kickstarter campaign.

Unlike other virtual solutions that force your group to play over the internet, Infinitas DM brings digital tools *to* the table to enhance it, making the GM's job easier without sacrificing the social interaction of sitting around a table

Designed from the ground up to run from mobile devices, the app is a Lore Book, Cartographer, and Battlemap in one. With a 'players view' cast from the app to a secondary display, you can have digital maps, fog of war, map based document links to access NPCs, quests, plot notes, and more right at your fingertips.

Check out the video on our Kickstarter page for more details on the app and how it will work.

With over $18,000 pledged and 650+ backers the app has really struck a chord with DMs and GMs looking for digital power but traditional in-person fun. Check it out and help in the final push to make Infinitas DM a reality!

Carpathia Kickstarter Launching April 14


The guys from Olde World Miniatures are getting ready to launch their Carpathia Kickstarter on April 14th.

Carpathia is a table-top game for two or more players in which players recruit a party of adventurers to do battle against one another. The individual games are meant to be played in around an hour. The rules are based on a simple D6 system, in which players take turns to move their adventurers, perform actions, cast magic, shoot, and fight. During each game you will also have the ability to gather resources, treasure, or loot, as well as gain experience with your individual adventurers. Be careful though, Carpathia is a dangerous land and your adventurers can be killed.

A series of games, usually story driven is called a Quest. In between each game during your Quest, you will have the option of enhancing your adventurer’s statistics with the experience they have gained, purchase new gear, learn new skills and spells, craft items, or trade with your friends. With a total of 14 playable factions to choose from, as well as being to mix adventurers from different factions as long as they are of the same alignment, Carpathia offers a multitude of options to customize your party to fit your play style. This is before you purchase additional gear, items and weapons for your adventurers.

The Kickstarter itself is for the Carpathia Game Box which includes everything you need to start playing the game: the Carpathia rulebook, a large poster of the world map, dice, tape measure, and two starter factions. The two factions are The Imperial Dwarves and the goblins of The Black Rock Clans. Each 28mm miniature is unique, cast out of high quality resin, and most come with interchangeable parts such as head variants, weapon variants or other details.

A successful Kickstarter will allow Olde World Miniatures to produce the game box, as well as the 40 or so add-on miniatures they will be offering. Stretch Goals will unlock additional factions, a few freebie surprises, as well as a monstrous Sha’ar (dark elf) dragon, a Mountain Tribes giant riding atop a mammoth, and the mighty Free Trade Company Airship. If all Stretch Goals are hit, all the 14 factions will go into full production.

Dreamwars to hit Kickstarter in a few weeks


Dreamwars, the first game designed by all-italian Royal Art Games, is scheduled to land on Kickstarter in the last days of April.

A cooperative action board game for 1 to 8 players, Dreamwars will be set in a completely new and intriguing steampunk horror setting, where brave heroes fight to prevent their Nemesis' nefarious schemes to unravel the world itself. Featuring rpg elements, a great focus and storytelling, and non-linear gameplay, Dreamwars is characterized by it's own unique sense of style, entirely depicted through beautiful hand made art.

When the last Cantico will be sang, the last sword will be broken and the last bullet will be shot, when you will see horrors coming from all around you, what are you going to do? Will your cooperative strategy pay off?

Will you and your companions survive the Dreamwars?

Roll for your life with these Mutant Chronicles dice

Today we're really pleased to be able to bring you a wealth of new Mutant Chronicles die sets, including individual die for each of the major corporations, plus a new 6 x combat dice set to help you roll for your life!

This has been one of our most requested features amongst Mutant Chronicles fans, so we're really very happy to finally get them in stock ready to go straight into the hands of Mutant Chronicles players.

We hope you enjoy rolling the bones with this latest addition to the Mutant Chronicles dark diesel-punk sci-fi universe, and look out for more Mutant Chronicles accessories appearing soon.

New 30mm and 40mm Round-Lip Pirate Ship Bases Deals From Tabletop-Art

Now available – Pirate Ship 30mm RL DEAL (20x bases) and 40mm RL DEAL (8x bases)

Free Trial of Skirmish Virtual TableTop Happening Now


Get ready for Skirmish! VT - A next-gen Virtual TableTop software that will make you experience your Pen & Paper Role Playing Games like never before!
Powerful, yet simple to use, it comes with an extensive set of features accompanied by a hi-quality asset library. And that's just the beginning! Its powerful plug-in system lets anyone edit, expand or modify it to truly reflect the way you like to play.
Your game, your rules.

Totentanz hajduks available

The new releases for the 30YW range are available at the webshop. Hajduk infantry and command, and the winged hussars troopers and command too.

Battle Valor Games 15mm Fantasy New Releases

We have more great new releases this week. They are the Human Civilians, the Dwarian Character Pack, the Orcian Moor Beasts, and the Decian Double Handed Axemen.

Create an account on the website and receive a PERMANENT 10% Discount.

Afro-Zombie Launches Mini Crate Kickstarter

Mini Crate

At MINI CRATE we collaborate with only the best Table-top game companies to offer you a box FULL of Miniature Surprises & Goodies.