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Friday Snippets

We're making it, people! We're making it! We've just about made it to the weekend. Some of you reading this who are to the East of me have already made it there. Those of us here in the last couple time zones just have a couple hours more to hold out and we'll be there, too. Hooray! Fun with time zones!

In order to make sure we've got enough energy, let's fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories, shall we?

Today we have: Lil' Cthulhu Kickstarter Reaches 70% Completion, New WW2 releases from Company B at Cold Wars, Shades of Vengeance Launches Free Rulebook Primer, Hitech Miniatures Releases Commander Cassandra mini, New Sons of Thor Torsos Available From Kromlech, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm February/March Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, and Brigade Models Rerelease Tolero Figures.

Lil' Cthulhu Kickstarter Reaches 70% Completion

Lil Cthulhu

De-Evolution Studios is proud to announce that at the midway point of its Kickstarter campaign, Lil' Cthulhu has already raised more than $16,700 in funding. Lil' Cthulhu is the hell-spawn of the elder god Cthulhu. This "child" is so evil that he is causing his own father to go insane. He needs a babysitter. That's where the players come in. At this point in its short campaign, top reviewers have had extremely favorable things to say about it: "I've played Li'l Cthulhu with adult gamers and my kids, and it's a light but fun game that I think Cthulhu
fans will particularly enjoy." - Jonathan H. Liu, GeekDad
"The game has those wonderful 'gotcha' moments!" - UndeadViking, Youtube personality
Lil' Cthulhu is a quirky, fast-paced card game in which players, acting as "Cultists of Cthulhu," take turns trying to calm the creature with demonic toys - but they back-stab each other in the process in a mad dash to keep Lil' Cthulhu happy… before eventually going insane.
The goal is to be the first cultist to either calm Lil' Cthulhu with the toys he is demanding or be the last sane cultist standing - whichever comes first. Like any proper eldritch horror story, you cannot truly win. You're just trying to survive for as long as possible!

New WW2 releases from Company B at Cold Wars


Company B will be at Cold Wars March 18-20 2016! Please come by Brigade Games and say 'hello'.

Newly Released 1:56 accessories at the Convention

Sherman Bulldozer Blade Kit
Jerry Cans, German and U.S. (packs of nine)
Hedgerow Cutters (packs of two)

Shades of Vengeance Launches Free Rulebook Primer

Era the consortium

Only 7 days. That's how long before British roleplaying game company Shades of Vengeance launches its newest Kickstarter project, after successfully completing all previous Kickstarter campaigns. This time, the Era game system, which has gotten rave reviews, is used to breathe life into - and add drama to - a setting in which the future of humanity looks bleak indeed. Contagion has spread worldwide, infecting most survivors, making them sick first and mutating them in later stages of the disease.

Era: Survival is not your ordinary zombie setting. Neither is it a typical postapocalyptic world. In Era: Survival, mankind has scattered, but survivors have formed many different – and oftentimes competing – factions. Tensions run high, treachery is always around the corner, schemes are being hatched and bizarre religions have gotten a grip on many who are left.

To celebrate the Kickstarter launch, Shades of Vengeance has now made the quick start rules for the very first Era game it released, Era: The Consortium, available to download for free. This way, gamers can already familiarise themselves with the rules, which are compatible with Survival. Featuring an easy-to-learn but involved and innovative system, The Consortium spans 500 years of future history, focusing on the descendants of human colonists who lost much of their memories after crash-landing for reasons unknown to the general populace. The biggest megacorporations are at constant odds with the Senate, which itself was formed out of the 200 largest corporations founded after the crash.

During the past 5 centuries, humanity made contact – and often warred with – several alien species that now coexist with the humans… at least nominally. Players can take the role of an aquatic Eulutian, an insectoid Ximian or a Vilithii - a race of sentient plants. Many of these alien beings have their own secret agenda and schemes. With an entire homeworld wiped out secretly during a covert operation led by two of the most influential corporations, tensions are sure to rise and distrust is running rampant.

Hitech Miniatures Releases Commander Cassandra mini


Congregation Of Nuns
Commander "Cassandra"
Multipart (5 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represents "Cassandra" - Egzekuthor armor, female SF warrior
This is high quality , resin miniature which comes unpainted and require assembly.
Feet to the eyeline dimension 32mm
1) Body 2) Left arm with sword 3) Right arm with gun 4) torch 5) Base

New Sons of Thor Torsos Available From Kromlech

Valhöll awaits those worthy of enter
brave and strong are the sons
on the Thunresdæg come
to conquer to fight endless war
in the heat of battle test your courage
shed blood, Valhöll awaits
all praise Þórr all praise Alföðr

Today we have a new addition to our Sons Of Thor range:
Sons of Thor Torsos

Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm February/March Releases Arrive at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s new releases are now in stock.

IS-622 Achzarit (15 pcs) - heavy APC based on T-55 tank chassis
UK-640 Hunter F.6 (8 pcs) - British jet fighter
FR-628 Rafale M (8 pcs) - French navy multirole fighter
FR-629 Crotale (10+5 pcs) - low-altitude SAM system on P4R vehicle
CH-629 J-20 (6 pcs) - Chinese stealth fighter (prototype)

WUS-658 LVT(A)-4 (15 pcs) - 75mm howitzer armed Amtrack

PSF-631 Cunningham MBT (15 pcs) - railgun armed, tracked tank with unmanned turret

CW-1504 Polish CW Infantry w/SA7B Grail (6 pcs) - Infantry with SA-7B (Strela-2M) MANPADS in two poses.

Brigade Models Rerelease Tolero Figures

Natives of the fourth planet of the Eta Odin system, the Tolero are primitive but intelligent creatures who outwardly resemble terrestrial bears. More than one anthropologist has been taken in by their cute and cuddly appearance but received a nasty surprise from the pointy end of a Tolero spear !

Armed with the afore-mentioned spears and short bows, the Tolero are hunters that roam the plains and prairies of their homeworld, stalking the docile Shomix quadripeds for food. Some ride on fearsome Thaeyax steeds, a vicious flightless avian similar to an Emu and nicknamed ‘Terror Birds’ by the first research teams to visit Eta Odin IV.

SF15-051 – Tolero with Spears (x8) – £2.75
SF15-052 – Tolero with Bows (x8) – £2.75
SF15-056 – Tolero Cavalry with Spears (x6) – £3.50
SF15-057 – Tolero Cavalry with Bows (x6) – £3.50

Those in the know will recognise the Tolero as being another part of the former ArmiesArmy range that we’ve finally got round to re-releasing.