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Friday Snippets

Well, folks, we're almost there. We've made it through almost all of the work week and we're cruising towards the weekend. We'll be there before you know it. Just some more things to do here and then we'll be free! Wheee!

Best to fill up on some bite-size gaming stories in the meantime.

Today we have: New Double Grip Sniper Rifle From Puppets War, New Preview Artwork From Siren Miniatures, Topside Minis Releases Pear Harbor Battle Set, True Messiah March 2016 update posted, Kromlech Releases Lady Hellena, Tercios Miniatures on Kickstarter, 28mm Skulls and Bones kickstarter last day, and Miniature for Life Vol. 1 Annamaria & Poppy on Indiegogo.

New Double Grip Sniper Rifle From Puppets War

Sniper Rifles

Set contains 5 resin sniper rifles with arms. Arms have 3x1mm magnet type holes allows to easly attach mount and dismount part to Striker armour if magnets will be used. Parts are designed to fit 28mm "heroic" tabletop wargames scale, supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed by and sculpted by Puppetswar Art Team

New Preview Artwork From Siren Miniatures

Siren Preview Art

Happy weekend guys! Lets start it with some concept art. Here is second of our knee kicking dwarfs. Let us know what you think.

Topside Minis Releases Pear Harbor Battle Set


The latest Pacific WWII naval battle set has been released. The Pearl Harbor battle set let's you recreated the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It includes 167 units (111 ships and 56 planes). This includes 54 brand new units, many of them support and auxiliary type units. You can buy the set with or without planes.

True Messiah March 2016 update Posted

Well hello there! It seems that I have another True Messiah update for you.
In this update, we have:
- lovely miniatures of the four messiahs!
- the last of the remaining chit designs!
- theme music (yes, that's right, theme music)!
- a discussion of my ongoing efforts to trim down the game's total playtime!

Kromlech Releases Lady Hellena

This set contains one mystic Lady Hellena.
This is 32mm heroic scale model.

Model consist of 5 resin parts (body, right arm with rod, left arm with claws, sword and dagger).
Plastic 25mm plain base included.

Sculpted by Maciej Pomianowski.

New Releases from Battle Valor Games

This weeks new releases from the Battle Valor 15mm Fantasy Range are the Frigian War Mammoth with Crew, the Frigian War Mammoth with Bolt Thrower and Crew, and the Orcian Tricericade with Crew.

Create an account on the website and receive a permanent 10% discount.
Join our facebook group-Battle Valor Games

Tercios Miniatures on Kickstarter

El Kraken Released to produce their own range of miniatures!

After the publication of the rulebook Liber Militum: Tercios and its first expansion, Kingdoms, we are setting up for our next goal: to give life our own range of miniatures.

We aim to focus on Seventeenth Century, starting with some Spanish Tercios that honors their name. Miniatures will be produced in quality metal (we are old school) and their scale will be 28mm. In order to give our brand a strong start, we created a crowdfunding campaign. Depending on the success obtained we will be able to offer a wider variety of miniature models as a starting point for our collection.

28mm Skulls and Bones kickstarter last day


Toad King Castings have their second kickstarter campaign in its final 48 hours. Featuring a great Skull and Bone sheet for detailing 28mm bases along with other skull and bone themed items for basing and terrain.

All backers receive a choice of free items. Check the updates for details.

Miniature for Life Vol. 1 Annamaria & Poppy on Indiegogo

Annamaria is a young pretty 12 year old girl from London. She was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour in her chest, but is a great joy and has a strong will to fight on. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, so Francesco decided to sculpt her during a spell cast dressed like a Hogwarts student.

Poppy is an adorable 4 year old girl from Beaconsfield. She is little and cute, but also combative! Poppy was diagnosed with lung and abdominal cancer. At every surgery and chemio session, Poppy has her little elephant to help her against the enemy.