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Friday Snippets

Well, after quite an eventful week including having to spend a night at a friend's place because my car was being fixed, it's made its way to once more be Friday. Booyah. Though not exactly "cheering my way" into the weekend, it's more like a sigh of relief. But hey, any way that it has arrived, it has arrived. That means we've got another group of bite-size stories to serve up for you.

Today we have: New Doom Rippers Available From Puppets War, Previews Posted For True Messiah Card Game, Space Pioneers Coming To Kickstarter Next Week, 75mm Ky-rà available from Kabuki Models, New Tufts Available From The Army Painter, New Kromlech Gravity Cannons Now Available, Malifaux now available in Spanish, Fighting Fungi miniatures now at Alternative Armies, and Free Heart February Back at Advanced Deployment.

New Doom Rippers Available From Puppets War

Two new releases today:
Don't fear the rippers ;)
Doom Rippers with gauntlets
Doom Rippers with claws

Previews Posted For True Messiah Card Game

True Messiah

Hey there, strategy game fans! As it’s been three months since the last big update, I figured I’d pop on here and tell you all how True Messiah is shaping up. In a word: excellently!

Space Pioneers Coming To Kickstarter Next Week

Space Pioneers

The 26th century: Humanity has discovered a new planetary system. The first settlers have arrived. Workers and mining companies are building factories and extracting resources. In this era of development there is an urgent need for transportation and trading. It is up to you to plan routes for the transportation of food, people, resources and goods. Building up a supply network is difficult because of the ongoing changes in the planetary configuration. Find ways to plan your network in the best and most efficient way. Only with the best strategy you will be able to compete with the others and establish a successful supply network in the new world.

75mm Ky-rà available from Kabuki Models


After a long wait finally our beloved amazon is ready for preorder!
We are offering only 100units at these crazy conditions, so don't waste time and preorder your unit as soon as possible.
The preorders gives you the following benefits:
- be among the first to claim Ky-rà!
- 5,00euro discount over the full retail price (50,00euro)
- free full color fine art print (A4 size) signed and numbered by the character designer Melissa Spandri aka Reddraws
- packaging is a carton box and not a blister Ky-rà is 75mm scale but 80mm tall, this is because she's a tall amazon and not a standard girl Emoticon wink She's designed by Melissa Spandri and master sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, box art is provided by Sergio Calvo Rubio.
We will post the units preordered during the month of March

New Tufts Available From The Army Painter


New Tuft range from The Army Painter!
Even Ferraris need a fresh set of tires now and again, and even quality products can get better. With these thoughts in mind we have taken a long hard look at our tufts range... AND MADE IT EVEN BETTER.

New Kromlech Gravity Cannons Now Available

today we have for you the most potent of all gravity weapons!
Legionary Gravity Cannons

Malifaux now available in Spanish


Malifaux Second Edition is now available in Spanish. This translation should help expand the game of Malifaux into new communities, providing more players the chance to cheat fate.

The translation of Malifaux in Spanish is available from Dia Cash

Fighting Fungi miniatures now at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies 28mm: Under our agreement with Ganesha Games we are delighted to announce the first wave of the 'Fighting Fungi' range is now on our website! Produced and Shipped from here in Scotland we have 10% off all the codes too! Plus as fantasy miniatures they qualify for the free Stricken Adventurer in an order placed with us. If you like Spores, Fungus Men and more have a look. Click through for all the images and codes. Great miniatures.

Free Heart February Back at Advanced Deployment

Free Heart February

Free Heart February is back!
Place an order over $25 dollars in the month of February and get a back of 10 Heart Tokens. Will they be pink, black, red? Who knows. Both traditional hearts and anatomically correct ones could find their way into your order!