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Friday Snippets

Well, while it seems like we dodged one bullet here in Georgia the other day, only getting some rain. It's looking tonight like we might get a bit of accumulated precipitation. Though considering tomorrow it's supposed to get to 38 and the day after it's supposed to be sunny and 51, I'm not really worried about it.
I can't really say the same for the rest of GA. They seem like they're going freaking nuts. But waddyagonnado?
I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when I'm getting my next tattoo. *squee with excitement!*

Before then, though, we need to get you some bite-sized stories. So let's go ahead and do that.

Today we have: ArmiesArmy 15mm Cold war Kickstarter Breaking Through Stretch Goals, Khurasan releases 15mm PMCs (or special ops), Gob'z'heroes Breaking Through Stretch Goals On Kickstarter, New Iron Reich Goblin Squad Available From Kromlech, FatMan Productions introduces Awakening: Recon, Prang Raider packs and platoon now released From the Ion Age, The Guildmate Half Rack Tray Available From Tectonic Craft Studios, New alternative driver for Titan-Forge zeppelins, Khurasan releases 15mm Middle Eastern Heavy Weapons set, Alternative Armies: 28mm Undead and Monsters range released with freebies, and New Lava Bike/Cavalry bases Available From Dark Art Miniatures.

ArmiesArmy 15mm Cold war Kickstarter Breaking Through Stretch Goals

As of today you have all helped me reach my main goal of FV432, Chieftain MBT, British Infantry and VDV Infantry support and the following stretch goals:

>>>>>>Reached!!! British 2 man Sniper Team, VDV sniper team
>>>>>>Reached!!! British Sustained Fire GPMG team, VDV ALG team
>>>>>>Reached!!! British Milan ATGM team and VDV Sagger team
>>>>>>Reached!!! British Air to Air BlowPipe Team and Manpad/ZSU-23-2
>>>>>>Reached!!! Set of Stowage for that 'in the field' look
>>>>>>Reached!!! Landrover and UAZ 469
>>>>>>Reached!!! Scimitar and Scorpion Armoured Recce Vehicle
>>>>>>Reached!!! Challenger 1 MBT
>>>>>>Reached!!! FV433 Abbot SPG
>>>>>>Reached!!! FV432 81mm Mortar Carrier
>>>>>>Reached!!! FV438 SwingFire

>>>>>>>>£6000 4 man SAS Troop, 4 man Spetnaz
>>>>>>>>£6700 Ferret Armoured Car
>>>>>>>>£7200 VDV BTR-D
>>>>>>>>£7500 VDV 2S9 Nona-S 120mm
>>>>>>>>£8000 VDV BTR-D SPAAG
>>>>>>>>£8500 Spartan FV

Khurasan releases 15mm PMCs (or special ops)

We are very pleased to have reopened our store and to release our newest ultra-modern infantry set -- PMCs (professional military contractors) or Special Ops operatives.

It's a set of ten figures, nine with M4 carbines and one with an M249 SAW. These are called "mercenaries" by some and have served widely in low intensity combat operations over the past decade. US and British special ops operatives often look identical to this (the British SAS using the C8SFW which is quite similar in appearance).

We have them listed in our Modern US Army range, and they are also being cross-marketed in our modern zombie range as the Kingdom of Jones. Available now.

Gob'z'heroes Breaking Through Stretch Goals On Kickstarter

We are able to accept the amount update for the Gob'bots expansion. Please, take care, that mean that you can update your Pledge Manager but the Gob'bots Expansion will be unlocked ONLY at the 63.000€ step !! This expansion will be available at 39€ and contain :

1 Gob'Mech Lord
1 Gob'bot with additional weapons
Miniatures and Stuffs Cards
6 combo Cards
2 Gob’jectives cards
Expansion Rules

The last 10 days are crucial, you are the key for a great success :)

New Iron Reich Goblin Squad Available From Kromlech

KRM079 Squad
here they are, the backbone of Iron Reich Goblins range:
Iron Reich Goblin Squad
Let the Iron Reich arise !!

FatMan Productions introduces Awakening: Recon

During the last three years we, at FatMan Productions, spent learning about the gaming industry, we developed our first product, a sci-fi miniature war game called Awakening: Recon.

All of us at FatMan Productions are fans of a lot sci-fi movies, tv series and books, so we thought doing a sci-fi game inspired in the sci-fi culture of the 80's and 90's . About the rules we had somethings in mind during development that we really wanted to see in a miniatures game: Fast paced (30-40 minutes per game with about 40 miniatures per player), classic sci-fi looking miniatures (almost cartoonish), and with dynamic mechanics. Right now we have an alpha version of the rules, that we hope our contributor during the Indiegogo campaign help perfect and make definitive. It's a d10 based system, with alternate activation of units, using a system of "command points", hidden to your adversary. The four initial factions have a unique way of playing, so that in addition to the looks of it, the player may choose their faction based also in the game mechanics of it.

Story wise Awakening: Recon is a miniature game set in our galaxy thousands of years in the future. The Awakening was the arrival of the Ipse to our galaxy, a species completely alien to all of our galaxy's life forms. The races now compete for the ever scarcer resources of the galaxy, sometimes coming into conflict with one another. This is the main focus of the game, the initial skirmishes between the mysterious Ipse, the human coalition of mega corporations called The Consortium, a tribal race of amphibious aliens called the Dagonians, and the hermit like Alphas, the remnants of a fallen civilization.

In the next article we will talk about the four races, history, looks and game mechanics.

Prang Raider packs and platoon now released From the Ion Age

The Prang are here! Now released four pack codes and a platoon pack too. Our last releases for January 2015. This new alien race joins The Ion Age and gives you a foe to collection and to play off against the Prydian Army, Marcher Barons and the Shia Khan Empire too.

The Guildmate Half Rack Tray Available From Tectonic Craft Studios

Guildmate Half Rack
The crowd is sure to go wild with this tray, perfect to hold your guild's whole team.

This half rack can hold thirteen 30mm based models and four 40/50mm models as well as your dice, tokens, cards, and measuring tapes/widgets.

New alternative driver for Titan-Forge zeppelins

Titan-Forge releases new, additional dwarf driver for their ancestral zeppelins model.

Khurasan releases 15mm Middle Eastern Heavy Weapons set


We've just released a set of heavy weapons for our Middle Eastern Irregular range in 15mm. The set contains four light machine gunners with PKs, one figure armed with a Russian MANPAD, one with the huge RPG-29 anti-tank rocketlauncher, a team manning a Russian mortar, a team manning a DshK, and a team manning a Sagger launcher. These irregulars are suitable for a wide variety of insurgents, rebels, militias and other factions over a wide period, including the infamous ISIS.

In the set there's also a spare rocket pack for the RPG-29. This is best attached to the back of a fighter armed with an assault rifle, who would lug the rockets and probably reload the weapon.

Available now -- they're listed right under the Israelis on the linked page.

Alternative Armies: 28mm Undead and Monsters range released with freebies

Fantasy Wargaming 28mm Scale any rules or system new or older. Alternative Armies. If you like the Undead or Monsters and love classic white metal miniatures this is for you! More than seventy different miniatures on those themes now online along with offers. Get a free Stricken Adventurer worth 2.00GBP in every order and 15% off some packs too. Frankly loads to see and read so please click through.

New Lava Bike/Cavalry bases Available From Dark Art Miniatures

Bike Bases

Hi folks.

I have just released a resin cast set of Lava Bike/Cavalry bases.
A set of three for £3.50
Please feel free to check out my site.