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Friday Snippets

Can you tell I'm excited? What can I say? I love weekends and Friday is the gateway to the weekend. I'm like a kid in school ready to bust out and... well, I don't exactly go crazy on weekends. Like this weekend I'll be finishing up magnetizing my Calth set and probably watching more stand-up comedy on Netflix (aka - a gamer-modified "Netflix and chill"). But still, Wooooo!
Before we get there, though, we gotta give you some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.

Today's batch includes: Campaign Coins Releases Red Dragon Inn Coins Set, Kromlech New Release - Monstrous Creature Wings, Centauri Saga Reaches Funding Goal On Kickstarter, Tabletop Games Catan and More Come to Life with New Board Game Player App from Syrinscape, Kromlech Weekend Promo - Free Glue With Qualifying Order, and New Front Arc Marker Available From Tabletop-Art.

Campaign Coins Releases Red Dragon Inn Coins Set

Campaign Coins

Gambling? I'm in!

Our Red Dragon Inn coins are now available in our web store. These are designed by Drew Morrow, and are made under license from SlugFest Games. The coins are huge and feel great to play with, and we have also made some elegant tokens for Alcohol and Fortitude.

Kromlech New Release - Monstrous Creature Wings

we have a new release today and it's high-flying.
There's nothing more spectacular for me than big models of demons or aliens with massive wings at their backs. It is so cinematic to image how they would fly and wreak havoc at battlefield.

Centauri Saga Reaches Funding Goal On Kickstarter

Centauri Saga

Celebrations are taking place as Centauri Saga, the sci-fi 4X co-op board game based on the online game Universe Online, reached and surpassed its crowdfunding goal of $35,000 CAD with 12 days left in its Kickstarter campaign.

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign, who shared it with their friends, made comments... to everyone who helped make Centauri Saga happen!” said Konstantinos Manos, CEO and Lead Game Designer at Vesuvius Media. “We did it together!”

Centauri Saga brings strategy in space and the battle against the Ravager to your table top. It is unique as it is one of the only sci-fi, 4X, co-op, adventure board games available.

“We are even more excited because we have started unlocking some of the extra rewards,” said Manos. “Backers who pledge $60 Canadian or more will receive 3, possibly 4, extra game scenarios.”

Each game scenario is like playing a new game with its own rules, cards and different game-play strategy.

The Centauri Saga crowdfunding campaign is Vesuvius Media's first Kickstarter project and ends November 30.

Tabletop Games Catan and More Come to Life with New Board Game Player App from Syrinscape

Board Game Sound App

Syrinscape, creator of the apps that put the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, music, and dynamic audio solutions at the fingertips of the gamer, announces today the release of the new Syrinscape Board Game Player app. The Board Game Player app is free to download, and comes with an array of free sounds to accompany classic board games such as Chess, Casino, and Soduku.

Board games come to life with an authentic-sounding and fully randomized dice roller, “oohs”, “aahs”, and “huzzahs”, various music stings with which to punctuate victories and mock opponents and more. Syrinscape’s Board Game Player creates an entirely new board game experience, all with a free, easy to use app compatible with a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android Phones and Tablets, iPads, and iPhones.

Syrinscape is thrilled to also announce today the release of the Catan SoundSet™ for the new Board Game Player, a collection of realistic sounds custom-made for the award-winning strategy game Catan®, giving its millions of players an opportunity to play the game like never before. The Catan SoundSet, the first official sounds of Catan™, includes a Catan™ theme song, a randomized 2d6 dice roll, the Knight, the Robber, the ambient sounds of bustling cities and tranquil country sides, the chopping of trees, myriad animal sounds, and much more. The Catan SoundSet is available on for $9.99.

Syrinscape is also thrilled to announce today SoundSets for Spike™ and Spellcaster™, from award-winning game developer R&R Games. Spike is a challenging railway game set in the early 1900s, where players compete to become “King of the Rails”. Spellcaster is a card game where players face-off in duels of sorcery supremacy. The SoundSets include a wide variety of sounds customized for each game, such as train whistles, upgrade sounds, loading various different cargos, cows, sheep and horses in Spike, and more than 60 specific spells sounds, each with male and female incantations and ground shaking activations in Spellcaster. Each SoundSet comes with specific music to keep you humming along as you play, as well as soundscapes, victory sequences, and a slew of other auditory enhancements. The Spike SoundSet and the Spellcaster SoundSet are available for $9.99 each

Kromlech Weekend Promo - Free Glue With Qualifying Order

weekend promo

we have a new weekend promo for you.
From now until the end of Sunday we will add one random Super Glue, Thick or Normal for every order over 50 euro.
As there is no such thing as too much Super Glue I hope you will find it useful :)

New Front Arc Marker Available From Tabletop-Art


The arc marker is an ideal tool to mark the 180° front arc (90° marking is also possible) on bases.

Simply push the base into the slot (25mm, 40mm or 55mm), hold on to the base and the marker, and draw a line along the clip. These clips have the same angle as the edge of the base which makes marking the front arc easier and precise. You can make the marks using permanent marker, a brush or, like in the example, a pencil (which is removable).

You can glue the clips into the marker or you just plug them together. So you can remove the clips from one side in case you are using a base that overlaps.

If you want to glue them together, we would recommend wood glue.

Due to the tolerances of the thickness of the material, it may be that the clips need to minimally reworked or glued. Please do not use force!

contents: 1x marker and 8x clips (2 as spare parts) made of MDF