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Friday Snippets

The weekend is once more almost upon us. We stand at the precipice of two whole days of not-work (well, I'll still be making updates, but that's alright). I've got a big model-building project for the weekend that recently showed up. I'm really excited for it. All The Bitz!... Which reminds me, I'm gonna need to pick up more glue...

Anyway, before we get there, we need to chew our way through some bite-sized stories.

Today's batch includes: The Surakari Invasion $2.99 Sale, New Renders for Wild West Exodus Posted, New Antares Battle Supplies Available From Warlord Games, New Santa Dwarf from Kabuki Models, and Blackout Kickstarter makes subtle but important changes to goals.

The Surakari Invasion $2.99 Sale

The Surakari Invasion

The Surakari Invasion, the complete digital collection of Legends of Kalidasia game titles, is on sale for only $2.99.

This collection contains Rise of the Surakari and every expansion for Legends of Kalidasia in PDF format. It contains everything needed enter the Kalidasia Universe and fight for the future of the Heragul Empire!

For 30,000 years the Heragul Empire stood against wars, insurrections, and rebellions. Every enemy they had encountered had been crushed. None could stand against their might. Several weeks ago however, everything changed.

A new alien raced called the Surakari launched numerous attacks on the Heragul Empire. Within two weeks, six star systems had fallen to the invaders. The initial attack wave turned their attention on the Minex system. Over the course of a month, Heragul and Surakari forces engaged in battles of all sizes throughout this critical system. Hundreds of warships were destroyed. Inch by Inch the Heragul fell back, until the battle of Minex Four. Surakari forces smashed their way through the defenders to destroy the water mining facilities on the surface of the icy planet. Heragul forces gave pursuit into the thin atmosphere of Minex Four and broke the back of the attackers.

New Renders for Wild West Exodus Posted

New Antares Battle Supplies From Warlord Games

Antares Supplies

Out today alongside the fantastic starter box Strike Vector One – The Xilos Horizon come all the Supplies you need to play battles in the Antarean universe!

New Santa Dwarf from Kabuki Models


Hi dear friends! We have a delicious news for you!

SANTA DWARF is come!!!

be a good boy and you will receive the visit of our Santa Dwarf!
Finally the 2015 Christmas miniature is available for sale, what a lovely present for your friends or.....yourself!

Blackout Kickstarter makes subtle but important changes to goals


From the Update: "I wanted to let all backers know that I moved the Mindcrawlers into the 125K unlock slot since they are specific to the Brood and required for the current campaign. The Necrovant is right after at the 150K level. If the Necrovant unlocks, all Brood enemies are available, creating a pool of 7 in enemy types!"

So now the Mindcrawlers are closer than ever before with 7 days to go!