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Friday Snippets

We have made it to Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Rejoice!
And, like, go eat some candy or something because of Halloween. Have yourself a good time.

Speaking of bite-size items such as those "fun" size candies (never did quite figure out what was so "fun" about them, but there we are, then), we have our usual platter of stories for you. These, however, know exactly why they're fun.

In this batch we have: Free 15mm personality figure: Gaius Marius in Baueda Indiegogo Campaign, Final Day for Anarchy Models HD Stencils Wave 2 Kickstarter, The Prang by Eli Arndt moving to The Ion Age soon, Arena Rex Faction Dice Now Available, New Modern Adventurers & Mercs From Warhansa, and Plaid Hat Games Posts Halloween Downloadable Content for Mice & Mystics.

Free 15mm personality figure: Gaius Marius in Baueda Indiegogo Campaign


We have done it!

A great victory, Senator! Thanks to you the most dramatic and influential changes have been made to the Roman army! Until this time, the standard requirements to become a Roman soldier were very strict. To be considered a soldier in the service of the republic, an individual was required to provide his own arms and uniform for combat. With your help we now relaxed the recruitment policies by removing the necessity to own land, and allowed all Roman citizens entry, regardless of social class. The benefits to the army will be numerous, with the unemployed masses enlisting for military service alongside the more fortunate citizens. Poorer citizens will now be drawn to lifelong service, as they will be rewarded with the prospect of settlement in conquered land. This also will 'Romanize' the population in newly subjugated provinces, thus reducing unrest and lowering the chance of revolt against the Roman Republic. The new Roman army, its numbers vastly bolstered by lower class citizens whose future is now tied to their permanent career, will always be able to provide reserves in times of disaster.
To celebrate this achievement every backer will now receive one free extra personality figure: Gaius Marius!

In addition we are now organizing a great military expedition, but the Senate appears to be divided: should we first put an end to the war in Numidia with Jugurtha, settle the matters in the East where Mithridates is expanding his kingdom at the expense of our allies, or march an army to Spain or Cisalpine Gaul, where the report of migrating Germanic tribes is causing unrest among the resident Celtic tribes recently conquered? It is up to you to decide:, contribute and cast your vote now!
If you done that already then it is now time to go out in the forum, find some new Senator and win him to your cause!

At the time of writing the situation is this:
Cisalpine Gaul: 8 votes
Spain: 6 votes
Numidia: 6 votes
East: 3 votes

please remember that only votes cast by selecting the corresponding perk are counted. Preferences expressed in any other way by supporters who have chosen other perks will be taken into account only in the case of a tie.

Go rally your followers now Senator, we won a great battle but there is still much work left to do to win the war!

Final Day for Anarchy Models HD Stencils Wave 2 Kickstarter

Anarchy Stencils

Thanks to our wonderful backers last year, our campaign for wave 1 of the HS Stencil System was a great success, and they have proved very popular since too.

We always get asked by our customers/fans if we can add this or that to the range. In particular, many of you wanted more Creature Feature designs, as the Mottled is VERY popular and you also wanted some smaller scale grids.

So we have come back to Kickstarter again this year to add some of the most asked for designs to the range, as well as some others, funding/time permitting.

The Prang by Eli Arndt moving to The Ion Age soon

The Prang

The Prang by Eli Arndt has long been one of the favorites in's SHM line of figures. The SHM line is unique in that it gives aspiring designers a leg up into putting the miniature sculpts into production. Since it's inception SHM has helped more than a dozen traditional and digital sculptors go into production.

Eli Arndt range the Prange has outperformed the other 80 odd codes in the SHM line and will starting in November 2015 leave the SHM line and become part of the Ion Age.

Arena Rex Faction Dice Now Available

Faction Dice announcement

We've released our Faction Dice by popular demand. These were available during our KS campaign and though we didn't intend to stock them for our general release they proved to be an oft-requested item in our contacts with fans.

They are a buck each, sold in 5 packs.

New Modern Adventurers & Mercs From Warhansa

Warhansa introduce new growing line of Modern adventurers & mercs.

Modern armed conflicts across the globe or postapoc and zombies settings – a piece of cake for these fellows. They have a precise full metal jacket answer to all the troubles on their way.

Plaid Hat Games Posts Halloween Downloadable Content for Mice & Mystics


As Halloween night approaches we want to remind you of the two downloadable Lost Chapters, Cat's Cradle and The Ghost of Castle Andon, that are available on our website to add a little spooky fun to your Mice and Mystics play sessions.

We've also seen a few fun costumes posted on social media this year, so if you or your family is dressing up in a Mice and Mystics themed costume please share it with us, we'd love to see!