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Friday Snippets

Don't know about you, but this week seemed to rocket by for me. Just, zip, zip, zoom! And here we are at Friday. Woot!
That means we get ourselves a Friday Snippets feature. So here's some bite-sized stories we've found for you over the past couple days.

This batch includes: Privateer Press Announces Updates Coming Fro War Room, Library Lovers Playing Cards On Kickstarter, Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House, Lands of Ruin team releases free 3D character models, Capsicum Games to launch Fleet Commander kickstarter next month, Looting Atlantis now offers a money back guarantee during final days on Kickstarter, Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy – HOTT Armies now released, and Last weekend for Free Huge Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhu Figure from Petersen Games.

Privateer Press Announces Updates Coming Fro War Room

War Room

Last week, Devastation brought new forces to the fight. Now it's War Room's turn to get rearmed for the front lines.

In the coming weeks, War Room will be opening up 500 beta test spots for each of the three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Among the many major improvements, the user interface (UI) is being completely redone to provide more intuitive controls, better access points, and a more visual and smooth site. Users will be able to tag their armies, making it easier to find exactly the list they are looking for. Collection support has also been updated, allowing users to keep track of how many of each model they have, as well as indicate which models are painted, making it easier to determine which models they have ready to show off at the local game store.

Library Lovers Playing Cards On Kickstarter

Library Cards

The Library Lover's Playing Cards features a collection of vintage images from the early part of the 20th Century. Each picture was used to promote and advertise libraries to the public and encourage recreational reading. These designs are as evocative today as they were when they were first created.

As a library lover myself, I wanted to get these out into the open and so set about putting the images on playing cards so you can enjoy them too. I have had two prototypes made, each one a beauty. I've firmed up the design and the production and am ready to print my first run. I just need your help...

Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House

100 Oddities

Oddities are the little touches that fill up the corners of lives. In our own mundane world, they might be limited to old, chewed pencils, unused key-fobs, or a half-finished decorative spoon collection awaiting the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. In the worlds of our imagination, however, they can be so much more. What oddities might be found in the halls, on the walls, or occupying the shelves of a Creepy Old House?

Lands of Ruin team releases free 3D character models

The team behind Lands of Ruin game has released 6 free and open source 3D models for post-apocalyptic tribe characters. These 3D models can be used to home print these models in 28mm scale skirmish gaming (a pretty high quality printer is required though).

The use of open source license also allows anyone to take these models, modify them and redistribute or even sell the printed models. The only requirement is that the the work has an attribution to the original work and any derivative work is also open source under the same license.

Is there room for open source model creation in the miniature gaming hobby alongside the more traditional approach? If you have 3D modelling skills try creating your own based on these models and if you have access to a 3D printer try printing the models and see if the quality is good enough for your use.

Capsicum Games to launch Fleet Commander kickstarter next month

In November Capsicum Games will be launching their Fleet Commander boardgame on Kickstarter, discover Fleet Commander - Genesis with a lot of surprises !

•All the components you need to play epic 4-player games.
•A new customizable game board made of 50 tiles (from the beginning of the campaign).
•2 new expansions with new space ships, including heavy battlecruisers – class 5 and technical ships.
•New special weapons and abilities, new exclusive board fields, new scenarios...

The Kickstarter campaign will pledge levels will include a pledge for the Genesis Box, a pledge for 2 New exclusive expansions for those already invested into the game and a pledge for both.

Looting Atlantis now offers a money back guarantee during final days on Kickstarter

Shoot Again Games, creator of Legends & Lies and the new game, Looting Atlantis, announced today the addition of a money back guarantee to everyone who purchases Looting Atlantis during its Kickstarter campaign. Diane Sauer, co-owner of the up-and-coming board and card game development firm explained, "We feel that one of the greatest strengths of Looting Atlantis is its ability to sell itself when people play it, so this money back guarantee is just a way to show just how confident we are in making that statement." She continues "If you were hesitant to pledge or were in any way unsure that you'd absolutely love Looting Atlantis, now's your chance to see for yourself."

Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy – HOTT Armies now released


The Sengoku range of 15mm scale Japanese Fantasy sculpted by John Bell is the largest such range in the world. It currently has forty single codes and a number of packs as well as two sets and now two HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies supplied with all needed element bases. Great for Japan themed games or spicing up your 15mm fantasy or pulp or post-apocalyptic collections among many others. As well as Male and Female warriors there are Male and Female Buddhist monks. There are Goblins and Kappa was well as Tengu and Oni. Sengoku has Ghosts, Snakes and Monsters plus centipede, snake and spider bodied warriors and monsters. School Girls in Japanese uniforms and of course the scary long necked Rokurokubi lady which is the lads at's personal favourite from the range.

Last weekend for Free Huge Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhu Figure from Petersen Games

Glow in the dark Cthulhu

Right now you can go to and sign up for a FREE glow-in-the-dark full 8” Cthulhu Figure, normally $25. All that’s required is signing up for the Petersen Games newsletter and then making the minimum qualifying pledge when the Kickstarter opens.

The Cthulhu Wars’ – Onslaught Two Kickstarter starts October 19, 2015. The Pre-Kickstarter for getting the Cthulhu figure is going on now through Sunday, October 18, 2015.

Cthulhu Wars comes to Kickstarter again with Cthulhu Wars – Onslaught Two!

Cthulhu Wars’ original Kickstarter campaign launched in 2013 to stellar success. Hitting over 1.4 million dollars and unlocking a WHOPPING 41 stretch goals! Cthulhu Wars’ – Onslaught Two promises to be just as great or even greater.