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Friday Snippets

And we've arrived. Friday. Such a great feeling. The weekend is just ahead with all the possibilities that it brings. I hope you've got some gaming lined up for yours. It is the perfect time for such things, after all.

Friday also brings us a new batch of bite-sized stories.

This group includes: Brigade Models - new 15mm SF Utility Vehicles, Khurasan releases 15mm Stryker, Raid & Trade: War on the Streets Coming to Kickstarter, Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51: Mutated Animal/Plant Genotypes, Fat Goblin Games to release new Shadows over Vathak Corebooks, Orctober Speshuls From Kromlech, 2015 Update for "Spiel in Essen" App by, Ancient Samnites Previewed at Victrix, Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin Available to order from Forge World, and Spawn of Sharktipede Up on Kickstarter.

Brigade Models - new 15mm SF Utility Vehicles

Blaireau and Belette

The Blaireau and Belette are French-made 6×6 vehicles that come in a number of variants, with several armed turret options plus a radar vehicle and an unarmed utility vehicle.

In addition to these, we also have a version of the Tassigny APC fitted with a radar instead of a turret, and also a radar dish on the Asterie remote base.

SF15-403e – Tassigny APC with Radar – £8.00
SF15-412a – Blaireau 6×6 Utility – £4.50
SF15-412b – Belette 6×6 with MG Turret- £4.50
SF15-412c – Belette 6×6 with Gatling Turret- £4.50
SF15-412d – Belette 6×6 with Missile Turret- £4.50
SF15-412e – Martre 6×6 with Radar – £4.50
SF15-413d – Remote Radar Mount – £1.50

Khurasan releases 15mm Stryker

Khurasan 15mm Stryker

We are very pleased to release our latest ultramodern US Army model, the M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle. The vehicle fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and there are nine Stryker Brigade Combat Teams currently in the US Army. This kit is resin with some pewter parts and is available now.

Raid & Trade: War on the Streets Coming to Kickstarter

Raid and Trade

From deep within the wastelands, far from the Golden City comes a new breed of survivors. Forged in the most desolate conditions these opportunistic individuals prowl the ruins watching for passers-by – to either join or exploit.

Skilled nomads, these ‘Hitchhikers’ can twist any situation to their advantage, whether through silver-tongued and honeyed words or brute force and lethal cunning. Having been bred far from the Golden City, some Hitchhikers have only recently heard of the glittering utopia and many have made their way across hundreds of miles, braving unimaginable dangers and hardships for a chance to learn more about this potential prize.

Some consider the Hitchhikers to be parasites that latch onto and leech from others, but for them it is a way of life and the ultimate path to survival. They are wild rovers, moving from one opportunity to the next in search of the last big pay-off… But they are not the only ones who come from the shadows.. Riders & gangs, rebels & outlanders are rising in the wastelands. They tried to enter the Golden City, but they were stopped by the Forces and now they are exiled for ever in the wastelands. Anyone who is trying to reach the Golden City, has to face them and their minions!

On Kickstarter on October 5

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51: Mutated Animal/Plant Genotypes now Available


When a player character wishes to play a mutated animal or plant, he has several choices to make. Animals alone represent a large category but can actually be mammal, reptile, amphibian, avian, or even insect, and plants are no less diverse. Most animals have different types of advantages and disadvantages — some are very strong, while others are very agile, some can fly, some breathe water. Plant capabilities and drawbacks can be even more strange and profound.

What kind of animal do you want to play? How “human” do you want your animal character to be? Do you want to be able to use weapons and tools? Do you want to be able to talk? Walk like a human? This expanded issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands answers those questions and guides you through the process of playing a mutated animal or plant character!

Fat Goblin Games to release new Shadows over Vathak Corebooks

Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games announced the new edition of Shadows over Vathak, the popular Lovecraftian Adventure Horror setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The new edition is being presented in three smaller, focused books and include; The Player’s Guide to Vathak, The Horror Master’s Guide to Vathak, and Monstrosities of Vathak.

Shadows over Vathak co-creator Rick Hershey has been involved at a high level and overseeing the project with Line Developer, John Bennett: “We’ve been wanting to update the setting core book for Shadows over Vathak for a good while, not only to implement the many new rules systems released over the years, but to make the vast setting clearer and in-line with our other products!”

The original setting book for Shadows over Vathak was created as a 24 hour design challenge and quickly exceeded the original goal and became a 250 page release. The new editions of the setting promise to take this core book and present it with new options and a clearer presentation of the setting. Line Developer John Bennett (Occult Adventures for Paizo, Against the Cult of the Bat God for Raging Swan Press, It Came from the Stars for Zombie Sky) has dome amazing things with the setting since taking over in 2014.

The Player’s Guide to Vathak will be released in October 2015 as pdf and full-color softcover.

Orctober Speshuls From Kromlech


it is ORCtober! and it means that we have to celebrate it properly.
That's why we have prepared some goodies for you. time limited offer till the end of October.
We have bundles of Orc vehicles and models. Buying those deals you save almost 20%!
What's more we have bits which are normally not available separately and we know from you that you are looking for them.

2015 Update for "Spiel in Essen" App by

SpielInEssen2015Logo has released the 2015 update for the FREE Android application that helps you keep track of your purchases at the next spiel fair in Essen!
"Take with you the interactive list of the new games presented at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL 2015. For each game you'll find information on its publisher's booth."

Right now there are more than 800 games in the list of new products coming to Essen!
It 'hard to keep track of all the games that you want to try or buy. This is why we have designed this app for your Android Device. It will also allow you to share info on the games you seek or buy with other users.

At this time, the five most desired games by the "Spiel in Essen" community are:
1 - 504
2 - 7 Wonders: Duel
3 - My Village
4 - Nippon
5 - Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach

And you ?
Which are the games in your watchlist that you will try in Essen?
The list is being continuosly updated! Be sure to refresh the data every once in a while after you first install the app!

Ancient Samnites Previewed at Victrix


Today's news is all about the next releases after the Ancient Spanish. In a nutshell we will release unarmoured Samnites, armoured Samnites, Macedonian pikemen, Carthaginian war elephants and Numidian cavalry.

The Samnites and Macedonians will follow a similar format to the Carthaginian Citizen Infantry. Each sprue/frame will contain 4 bodies but will also include numerous head and arm options so that there is plenty of scope for variety. The sprue/frame will also contain var...ious weapons including swords, standard bearer arms, musician arms and various javelins. This means that all the required command figures can be built from this single frame. This works well for Victrix because it means we can speed up releases as there is less to design and tool. It also avoids having to either build a separate command frame and also does away with the need for separate command figures manufactured in white metal.

Warsenal Comanche Bases - Wave Two

Brand new in the online store - Comanche Bases Wave Two add even more variety for basing your army!

These acrylic bases are designed to match the aesthetic of our Comanche terrain line.

The bases are built using two layers of 1.5mm acrylic to make a 3mm acrylic base.

The bases come unpainted and unassembled.

Bases can be mounted on standard 25mm plastic Infinity bases that you can magnetize with our Rare Earth Magnets.

Ion Age: Taranis Tanks by Bob Naismith offers next week

The Ion Age will have three Early Supporter Offers next week on Bob Naismith's mighty Taranis Tracked Tanks, five variants. Each offer will feature a discount and free items. As we approach this we have several articles to share with you all about these tanks. Today two articles showing painted Taranis and a bigger article with a host of comparison and scale photos alongside other codes in our 15mm range. This tank is a beauty and its a monster too. Click through to see these great and large images. Thanks!

Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin Available to order from Forge World

Contemptor Pattern Volkite Culverin

Volkite weapons are of ancient and arcane design. Their manufacture is complex and the knowledge required to produce them is closely guarded by the Mechanicum of Mars.

The Volkite Culverin is the most potent man-portable iteration of Volkite technology in use by the Legiones Astartes. Its beam has a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire. The Contemptor pattern Dreadnought’s powerful reactor and load bearing capacity allow it to carry a twin-linked variant of the Volkite Culverin into battle.

The Contemptor pattern Volkite Culverin is compatible with Contemptor pattern Dreadnoughts. This multi-part resin kit can be constructed for use as either a left or right weapon arm.

Spawn of Sharktipede Up on Kickstarter

Spawn of Sharktipede

One year after Sharktipede was unleashed on an unsuspecting world. New monsters have arrived to challenge him as alpha.