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Friday Snippets

Congratulations for surviving another work week. The entire weekend looms before us, full of possibilities. With any luck, you've got some gaming in mind. I'll be taking photos of a bunch of my figures, preparing to sell them off, as I need to make room for some other stuff coming in. Hey, if I've not played a game for ~5 years, and don't really plan on getting back into it, it's probably time to let someone else enjoy it.

Anyway, that's as may be. We've got another collection of bite-sized stories for you. They include: New supplement for By Fire and Sword Announced, Victoria Miniatures Posts September Releases, Ratgard: Preview of the MLRS-Badger, Darkmoor RPG Coming To Kickstarter Next Week, 15mm Caesar's army - Marian Roman 105 BC - 25 BC On Indiegogo, Steve Barber Models New Webshop Opens, Carbon Fiber Playing Card Case by Essential Carbon On Kickstarter, Clear for Takeoff Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Looking For Group Minis Now Available, and Fantasy Flight Games to Release Colored Flight Stands and Bases for X-Wing.

New supplement for By Fire and Sword Announced

By fire and sword volume 1

Our progress on the announced ‘Armies of By Fire and Sword’ is so advanced, that we decided to share with You the contents. Anticipating the question – the release date of the publication has not been determined yet.
As of the release date for the “Armies of By Fire and Sword” – we aim for December 2015. For the first time in history of BFaS we would like to publish both Polish and English versions at the same time

Victoria Miniatures Posts September Releases

I'm very pleased to announce the first new releases for September. We have two new sets of female heads; Female Bald Heads, and Female Guthrie Heads.
Jake Schneider had also been busy, and we have a pile of very cool new weapons to offer: Hand Guns: Flame Pistol, N-F Pattern Bolt Pistol and the Hard Caliber Wheelgun.
For getting up close we have the Shock Mace and the massive two handed Eagle Pattern Chainsword.
And two new pistol grip weapons that will fit the Victoria Miniatures Universal Rifle Arms, the Shotgun MK2 and the Flamer.
Speaking of Universal Arms, the Victorian Male and Victorian Female Arms are also now available, the will fit Victoria Miniatures pistol grip weapons and popular plastic guard rifles.

Ratgard: Preview of the MLRS-Badger


Badger Multiple Launch Rocket System is a long range suppressive weapon, can launch 23 rockets in short time.
This model will include a MLRS-Badger and/or a 3x3 RAT chassis. The Badger kits have 33 parts, will be available on in early October.

Darkmoor RPG Coming To Kickstarter Next Week


Acchiappasogni is proud to announce the forthcoming start of the crowdfunding campaign for Darkmoor RPG on September 22 2015, the tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the popular mobile games Blackmoor and Maximus by Mooff Games, and powered by the Musha Shugyo (MS) RPG fighting system!

Darkmoor will combine greatly expanded MS’s rulesets with Blackmoor & Maximus’s settings, creating a unique gaming experience inspired by Mooff mobile games’ self-deprecating fantasy universe. In Darkmoor’s crazy world, PCs Levels are everyday’s smalltalk, all kind of treasures gush out from defeated enemies and if you see green skulls dancing around your buddy’s head, well, he’s poisoned!
You’ll fight breathtaking and cinematic battles, and your every single move can influence the scene and following attacks or blocks as well.

15mm Caesar's army - Marian Roman 105 BC - 25 BC On Indiegogo

Hi guys, this is Claudio from Baueda Wargames ltd.

As you may know we are already producing a range of high quality wargame miniatures for many Dark Age armies, sized at "standard" 15mm and designed to be fully compatible with other top quality 15mm figures like Essex and Corvus Belli. Currently our range already include Viking, Norman, Carolingian Frankish, Norse Irish, German tribes and Lombard.

We now want to add nothing less than the mighty legions of Caesar to our menu!

Steve Barber Models New Webshop Opens

Steve Barber Models

Most of our more recent ranges are on the site. Please bear with us while we get used to how all this works. We will be adding many of of our older products in time as well as lots of new ones! More pictures will make their way on to the site over the coming months, but most products now have a photo showing what is in the pack for the first time.
This has been a challenging time and massive task for us, but hopefully you will all like the new site and find it easier to order from from us in future.
If there is anything you can't find or want to know about please email
Thank you.

Carbon Fiber Playing Card Case by Essential Carbon On Kickstarter

Carbon Case

This card case is made of the same carbon fiber material that is used in many extreme applications. Not only is it strong and light, but it is also considered to be beautiful by many, especially people who understand and respect it's strong physical properties. The Essential Carbon Playing Card Case makes a bold statement about one's tastes and makes a killer conversation starter at any card game.

Clear for Takeoff Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Clear for Takeoff

As one of the most realistic aviation board games on the market, ‘Clear for Takeoff’ was expertly created by an airline pilot teamed with game designers. The game is centred around life at John F. Kennedy airport in the 1960s. The task is to manage one of six available airlines with the goal to have all your airplanes take off successfully before other players. To do this you must collect cards and then have the correct cards in your hand in order to move your aircraft towards the takeoff position; weather permitting, your plane can take off.

The weather is always good at the beginning of the game, but this can change as the game progresses at the request of the players, as well as other outside factors.Additionally, you are able to delay other player’s aircrafts and they can delay yours. The player who takes off first, wins!

Looking For Group Minis Now Available

LFG Minis

LFG Adventures Miniatures bring your tabletop RPG game to life! Choose between:

Richard - “For Pony!” : Based on the now classic page 42, Richard is in a square legged stance for maximum recoil absorption.
Cale’Anon – Swords Elf: Based on page 782, Cale in his no-cloak, chain-shirt look, wielding Good and Evil.
Benny - Ready for Anything: Based on page 42, confidently looking over her shoulder with a grip on her staff.
Aelloon - “I AM Legara”: Based on his declaration of awesomeness on page 119, Aelloon has his arms raised in triumph, one hand balled in a fist, one open as if to shake a hand or smack a face.
Legion Soldier - Rank and File: Like the soldiers in a forward thrust pose like the soldiers on page 123, assemble rows upon rows of your Legion Soldier army.

Get the Army Builder Bundle for three Legion Soldiers and Aelloon at a discount price!

Fantasy Flight Games to Release Colored Flight Stands and Bases for X-Wing


Fantasy Flight is proud to announce the upcoming release of six different colored bases and pegs for the X-Wing™ miniatures game!

X-Wing is the two-player miniatures game of fantastic, squad-based dogfights set in the Star Wars galaxy. Players assemble their squadrons, calling upon such starfighters as X-wings, TIE fighters, and even the Millennium Falcon. Then they launch their ships into battle.