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Friday Snippets

Friday, glorious gatekeeper to the weekend. For many of us, just a couple more hours until we, giddy as schoolchildren, run out of our offices and into several blissful days of doing... just... whatever the hell we want.
Friday also means a bit of a smorgasbord of bite-sized stories we've collected.

In this batch we have: Artana Launches The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever...Two Kickstarter, Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter: The Behemoth, DrunkQuest Kickstarter Stretch Goals announced, Imaginative Miniatures New Releases, Releases for September from The Ion Age, Alkemny's Kickstarter to Launch Next Month, Warsenal Limited Edition Unit Markers for Infinity, Dark Art Studios Posts Autumn Releases, Khurasan releases 18mm WSS Austrians/Imperials, and Brigade Models Release 15mm Indonesian Grav Tanks.

Artana Launches The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever...Two Kickstarter


We've learned a lot since our first coins campaign. And we know that there is no "one size fits all" package for everyone. So we're not going to offer you just one package... we're giving you several!

Provided here first to our loyal Kickstarter backers, The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever are now available in THREE modular and fully integrated options

Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter: The Behemoth


We are small time Canadian publisher pushing in to the pre-painted plastics scene with our 2nd Kickstarter. We are offering Resin, Unpainted and two Painted versions of each sculpt.

Our featured figures are the Behemoth, an enormous 8" round based figure, a female Orc Shaman, and four small Riders (Goblin, Dwarf, Imp, and Kobold) on big mounts (Giant Spider, Giant Owl, Giant Wolf, and Giant Bat) which are interchangeable during game play.

We have an early bird special which ends on Sept 18th, and an amazing SUPER stretch goal planned at the $238k mark.

DCMs are perfect for your RPG needs!

DrunkQuest Kickstarter Stretch Goals announced

Stretch Goals

Funded in less then 24 hours and on our way to some Stretch Goals! So lets get into the update...

We've read your comments and your messages and it seems the favor led towards having Black Label as its own tier...however. A few of our backers are a bit more forward thinking and brought up a very interesting point

To which we thought..."That' excellent point." and something we hadn't considered. But we still liked the idea of having extras for Black Label. So! We have a solution... First! Black Label is an addon, and each tier may add it but! With an increased discount when added at the higher tiers.

Before going into the breakdown I should start by saying that because Black Label is 300 jumbo sized plastic cards it isn't cheap to produce. And having a limited run with a special box are also factors so when released Black Label will retail for $125. But we always try and give more to our backers because you're the ones making these things possible. So even if added at the Light Weight tier we're going to start with an almost 30% discount! The rest of the tiers are broken down as follows...(there is more on the update PB) Just didnt want to include it all! Thank you!!

Imaginative Miniatures New Releases

Hi all,

We wanted to let you guys know that our new miniatures; Waldvolk archers, are avaible in our online store!
So dont miss out hop on over to our store add some wonderful looking miniatures to your collections!

Releases for September from The Ion Age


The Ion Age makes its releases for the whole month of September 2015 today with two new 15mm codes. Super Heavy Knights ready to terminate the enemy, Desteria Lance Command (5 poses) and a Desteria Lance (Platoon Pack) which includes a unique extra free Desteria Knight Errant only found there. Of course you also get the monthly miniature free in any order (currently IMP25 Muster Cutter Trooper) and reward points on your customer account. The Ion Age just got bigger again and next month Taranis arrives...its awesome to be space opera just now. Thanks for reading. GBS

Alkemny's Kickstarter to Launch Next Month

The Naashti / Utopia project is ongoing work and we are eager and excited to be the K day (like Kickstarter) to reveal the secrets that we work since 1 year. See below 6 models of the “starters” Naashti and Utopia. Go middle October, all Alchemist Miniatures team is relying on you ;-)

Warsenal Limited Edition Unit Markers for Infinity


Each month we'll be releasing unit markers for the various units that are released for Infinity: the Game. Once we've released a marker for a unit that marker won't be repeated so get them while you can!

Repeated units get a one time Blast template release.

Markers are sold individually and prices are for a single piece.

For Infinity's August Releases, this month we have unit markers for Acmon, Sergeant of the Dactyls, and Blast Templates for USAriadna Grunts and Yu Jing Tiger Soldiers.

Get them at our Online Store.

Dark Art Studios Posts Autumn Releases

? Autumn 2015 Releases ?

Khurasan releases 18mm WSS Austrians/Imperials


We are very pleased to release the long-awaited Austrians/Imperials for our 18mm War of the Spanish Succession range.
Released today are the following:

Austrian/Imperial commanders (Price Eugene and a general officer)
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in helmets, with pistol
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in helmets, with sword
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in helmets, command
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in tricorne, with pistol
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in tricorne, with sword
Austrian/Imperial heavy cavalry in tricorne, command
Austrian/Imperial artillery (commander is wearing a cuirass)
Austrian/Imperial infantry command
Austrian/Imperial fusiliers
Austrian/Imperial Grenadiers

Brigade Models Release 15mm Indonesian Grav Tanks

Today we're releasing our 15mm Indonesians, matching the 6mm versions that came out some time ago. There are five vehicles in all - the Suharto and Anjalika MBTs, Sugama APC, Bhima armoured car and Kijang grav truck.

SF15-1401 – Suharto MBT – £8.00
SF15-1401a – Anjalika MBT – £8.00
SF15-1403 – Sugamo APC – £8.00
SF15-1407 – Bhima Armoured Car – £8.00
SF15-1408 – Kijang Grav Truck – £8.00

We’ll have stocks of all of these vehicles at Colours tomorrow, along with all of our other 15mm models.

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