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Friday Snippets

Friday has once again blessed us with its presence. Let us bask in its warm glow of warming glowing... or something.
Suffice to say that the weekend is almost here. What sort of plans do you have coming up? Gaming? Cooking? Or just boring, old "yard work" and the like?

For the moment, we've got our batch of bite-sized stories.

Today's include: Darkmook Paper Miniatures begin back catalogue upgrade, Fey A new line of 54mm miniatures, Retained Command Charlie released at The Ion Age, The Roots of Magic- an upcoming fantasy skirmish wargame, Willy Miniatures Necromantic - Undead Fantasy Football Team Coming Soon, Thinker Tinker Maker: Game Inserts & CCG Boxes On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Security “Hounds”, Hitech Miniatures Releases Mystic Sergius, New Female Viking Unit from Brother Vinni, Alternative Armies releases four classic Goblin packs, Fantasy Treasure Chest by Fantasy Coin Coming Soon, Kromlech New Release - Chaos Legionary Jump Pack, and Madzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Game Up On Kickstarter.

Darkmook Paper Miniatures begin back catalogue upgrade

Blood, Brains and Bikers CD cover

Darkmook Paper Miniatures have begun upgrading their back catalogue of miniature sets with special rules, cards and tokens for the popular Survival Horror Tabletop Game system. The first sets receiving the upgrades are Survival Horror Set 2: Blood, Brains & Bikers and Survival Horror Set 6: Unstoppable.

Fey A new line of 54mm miniatures


Fey is a new range of 54mm scale miniatures and focuses on fantasy characters & creatures.

The first miniature that has been sculpted is the Celestial and is done by Christoph Eichhorn aka Trovarion and stands roughly 80mm tall. It is as good as finished but there might be some minor changes here and there.

''The Celestial is not of this world. He entered the Fey realms accompanied by meteoric storms and caused a big disturbance in the ebbs and flows of the currents of magic. He appears to be good in nature, or so it seems...!''

The original concept art for the Celestial was created by Pedro Ramos and has changed quite a bit since its original conception as you can see!

Retained Command Charlie released at The Ion Age


We release five female 15mm scale white metal Retained Knights today giving you female command poses for your Lances! IAF076 Retained Lance Command Charlie brand new specialised poses, banneret, comms, standard, medic and injured. Great for Patrol Angis. White metal miniatures in female pattern Alwite powered armour. Click through for more pictures and information. Thanks.

The Roots of Magic- an upcoming fantasy skirmish wargame

Roots of Magic

Currently in development from Grand Arcanum Games - the Roots of Magic, a fantasy miniatures skirmish game, with 5-8 models per side. Looking to crowd-fund in Q4, 2015.

The game is centred around the struggle for power in Mellorian, location of the fabled World Tree - a source of unlimited mystical energy. Six Great Houses of Magic strive to unlock the secrets of magic within the tree, to confound their rivals, and to forward agendas that will grant them ascendancy.

Each House wields a particular style of magic, known as a 'root', that provides players with different abilities and options for their game Companies. Players can choose from:

Acedia, House of Suggestion
Durant, House of Protection
Feylyn, House of Balance
Myrke, House of Fear
Qing, House of Mysteries
Travium, House of Power

The game mechanics are based around resource aggregation and allocation. Models gain variable amounts of actions they make take in a game round, and the more powerful a model is the more if can get. Players must make the choice to save these actions for when they are most needed, unleashing a massive surge of sorcerous power, or to spend a little each turn to achieve objectives.

We have a number of models already sculpted and currently being cast in high quality resin, but we are looking for backers to support the development of a larger range of miniatures to go with the game. Over the next few weeks, art, renders, background, and other information about the game will be revealed, ultimately leading to a crowdfunding project in q4 later this year.

Willy Miniatures Necromantic - Undead Fantasy Football Team Coming Soon

Willy Miniatures

Willy Miniatures is going to start a new crowdfunding campaign for another fantasy football team. This time the Spanish company is making an update for his Necromantic and Undead teams, with new and amazing models, including 4 new ghouls in very dynamic poses, 4 zombies and 4 racial zombies, including an ork, an amazon, a beastmen and an elf, all of them in zombie form.

The campaign includes 3 different teams. You can choose between Necromantic, with Werewolves and Flesh Golems, the more classic Undead, a powerful team with 2 Mummies and 4 Ghouls or if you want to have all the options, Dead XXL team is your choice. The first 100 backers will benefit for an early bird offers, getting a 5€ discount and a pair of racial dice. And thinking in the game groups, there will be an special 5 teams pledge.

There will be 3 miniature packs also, with 4 models in each pack. With these packs you'll can complete your team with the new models without have to pick the whole team.

And for all the backers who choose a team pledge, Willy Miniatures will reward them with a series of stretch goals, including discounts and free miniatures.

The campaign starts on 08/24 at 20:00h (GMT+2) and will last for 30 days.

Thinker Tinker Maker: Game Inserts & CCG Boxes On Kickstarter

Thinker Tinker Maker

Thinker Tinker Maker will use the funds raised from this campaign to acquire its own laser cutter for production and future prototyping. A large initial launch order will allow us to buy materials in bulk at a discounted rate. All products in this campaign are listed at the discounted prices based on the bulk option. After all backer items have been shipped, we will launch an online store with the standard prices that will include at least all the self Assemble Items.

Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Security “Hounds”


Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of our 28mm Earth Force Security “Hounds”.. The Earth Force Security “Hounds” set contains 5 28mm scale pewter miniatures with bases. Perfect for your near future and sci-fi games!

Hitech Miniatures Releases Mystic Sergius


28mm scale Mystic Sergius
Feet to the eyeline dimension 27mm
1) Body 2) 25mm scenic base

New Female Viking Unit from Brother Vinni

Brother Vini

And now welcome SAGA.
Female saga, of course.
We plan to make some cute line of viking-style miniatures.

Now we introduce you first set of four brave shieldmaidens.
This girls are 28mm sacle, armed with swords and round shields
and ready to join your warband.

28 mm scale, resin casting produced by Brother Vinni.

Alternative Armies releases four classic Goblin packs


Alternative Armies re-releases fourteen poses of early 1990's Goblin infantry and cavalry back into the world. 28mm scale white metal re-mastered, OH3 and OH4 Cros Raiders and Spears, OH5,OH7 Goblin Wolf Cavalry. Great value and you can select packs, or single miniatures as well. Great for any fantasy system. Images and information for all of them by clicking through. Thanks for Reading.

Fantasy Treasure Chest by Fantasy Coin Coming Soon

Treasure Chest

Fantasy Coin, LLC has created yet another popular fantasy item for gamers. Keeping the tradition of high quality at affordable prices, these chests are made from solid wood, iron brackets, and a functional skeleton key lock. Made from ½” thick catalpa wood and solid iron brackets, our Fantasy Treasure Chests withstand the test of time. Standing at 8” tall, there is enough room for 2,000+ coins or any other items you can think to store.

The embedded skeleton key lock and screws placed on the inside increase the security as well as make it more realistic without losing the fantasy feel. Three keys are provided.

Kromlech New Release - Chaos Legionary Jump Pack

"when night comes
hear the scream
shriek of dark souls
fallen brothers of old times
watch them come from the sky
angels of death"

today we have a new release.
This time something for Chaos Legionaries.

Madzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Game Up On Kickstarter


Three Games in One: Kids are impatient – we know! And so we are on a mission to ensure the fun goes on. But Jigsaw Puzzles aren't known for Replayability. So what do kids do after making the puzzle? They play the games Object Hunt and Data Duel with the included Cards. A bouquet of games, object hunt with magnifying lenses, decoders, glow in dark objects, data duel challenge, and more will keep the excitement going.