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Friday Snippets

They say time goes by when you're having fun. Apparently, I've been having the time of my life all week, since it's just rushed on by. I swear I was writing up the Monday Terrain Corner about an hour ago. But then again, with all the ramp-up to Gen Con keeping me rather busy, it's no wonder it feels like everything is just rushing on by. Gotta take this weekend to relax a bit and get those last few things ready before heading to the show in the middle of next week.

But that's as may be. At the moment, we've got some more bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch we've got: New Pathfinder PC SoundSets from Syrinscape and Another Warthrone approved army list: Legions of Khorne from Warhammer.

New Pathfinder PC SoundSets from Syrinscape


It is with much excitement that Syrinscape, the award-winning app that puts the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, and music, into the hands of the gamer, releases today the new Pathfinder Player Character SoundSets.

Based on Pathfinder RPG’s iconic characters, the Pathfinder PC SoundSets are custom-made for players to use at the table with their wizard, rogue, cleric, and fighter PCs, and are chock full of hand-crafted, PC-specific sounds to bring fantasy players’ RPG characters to life.

Another Warthrone approved army list: Legions of Khorne from Warhammer


You can now use your Warhammer Khorne miniatures to play Warthrone, thanks to this new list, converted by itonlyme from the AoW forum.

Warthrone approved army lists are unofficial lists created by fans, that have been submitted to AoW, and have been reviewed, tested and approved to be used against any of the other approved lists (official and unofficial) for Warthrone.

These lists can be an adaptation of existing armies from other games, or completely invented armies, I will welcome all submissions!