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Friday Snippets

Friday, glorious Friday. We've once more made it to that glorious day. The weekend stretches ahead of us after a workday like an infinite sea of possibility... Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic. But hopefully your weekend will include some gaming of some sort. Even if not gaming, itself, then putting together some models or painting or some sort of hobby-related activity. I think I'm going to work on a couple more DreamForge kits I've had for a bit that really need to put together.

But that's the future. The present is a set of bite-sized stories we've collected together from the past couple days.

Today's batch includes: Final days for Bomarzo on Kickstarter, Icarus Miniatures Preview Gabriel Cross 3D Print, Troop Element Trays and Bases now at The Ion Age, Frontier Suns have finally arrived at Lone Gunman Games, and Kromlech New Release - Kri'tho'ann - Herald of Pain.

Final days for Bomarzo on Kickstarter


Last week for Bomarzo campaign!
Join the campaign of this great game on giochistarter! There are still available 3 discounted rewards, the last ones, don't miss them! Go to the campaign page.
We just unlocked the third stretch-goal of the campaign adding the exclusive Broken House card!

Icarus Miniatures Preview Gabriel Cross 3D Print

Icarus Miniatures have shown off the 3D print for their first miniature, Gabriel Cross.

The piece is looking incredibly detailed, and looks like it is going to be a joy to paint.

Gabriel is being sent off to the caster now, and will be available to purchase from as soon as possible.

Troop Element Trays and Bases now at The Ion Age


The Ion Age. 15mm Scale. Now released for Patrol Angis and any other 15mm wargame system our full range of resin IAF077 Troop Element Trays and two sizes of round resin bases (IAF078,IAF079). Great products, excellent value and very useful too. Mount your miniatures on the bases for skirmishing and then assemble your Fire-Teams and Squads into Troop Elements. Along with last week's IAFP02 Retained Lance these are all our releases for July 2015 and remember IMP23 Vending Bot is free in every order automatically.

Read on for more information.

Frontier Suns have finally arrived at Lone Gunman Games

Goth Rat Broodlings Set

We have our first release in the Sci-fi Genre. A set of 15mm Goth Rat Broodlings (FS006) for our new Frontier Suns miniatures line.

They are wielding an assortment of guns and weapons. Each is 15mm tall to the top of the head. There size will also make them useful for 20-25mm games as well.

Kromlech New Release - Kri'tho'ann - Herald of Pain


There is a path to the the realm of pleasure and pain.
The realm is ruled by Handmaidens of Pain.
To enter it you must first go through the Gate of Mirrors.
Only those who will be accepted by those who look from the other side will enter. The rest will meet their fate from the hand of the Herald of Pain.