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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaaaaaay! Woooooooo!
*Friday dance*
And I've got D&D coming up tomorrow. So I'm all the excite. I hope you've got some gaming going on as well. But whatever you're doing, you don't want your blood gaming levels to drop too low. So let's snack on some bite-sized gaming stories to fill up.

Today on the platter we have: Orc Vehicles Exhaust Pipes Available From Kromlech, Acheson Creations' Next Round of Viking Kickstarter Products Now Available, and Magic Description Cards Kickstarter Launches Today.

Orc Vehicles Exhaust Pipes Available From Kromlech

This set contains ten high quality resin Orc Vehicles Exhaust Pipes. They can be used to convert existing orc vehicles or build completely new ones.

Acheson Creations' Next Round of Viking Kickstarter Products Now Available

During last year's Viking - Great Halls Burning Kickstarter, we designed all-new 28mm buildings, terrain, and over 50 new 28mm miniatures for accurate, historical wargaming in the Viking era.

Our next round of Viking Products are now available at

Magic Description Cards Kickstarter Launches Today

We are formally announcing the Magic Description Cards Kickstarter and celebrating the readers of TGN with this heads-up to help them gain access to the Kickstarter’s EARLY- BIRD SPECIAL REWARDS.


Over 100 cards with over 600 System Neutral phrases to help depict fantasy fiction magic. Designed for writers, storytellers, and GMs.

Pledges start at only $25 US.

EU friendly.

More details....
The Magic Description Cards Kickstarter campaign proposes new ways to spice up magical attacks within pen-and-paper roleplaying games and fantasy fiction writing.
The initial Kickstarter offering is a deck of over 100 cards with creative ways to describe in-combat magic. The cards work by having a ready list of three adjectives, each with two example phrases of how to use them. Card users are encouraged to practice using the adjectives to spark their imaginations when describing in-combat magic during tabletop roleplaying games or while writing the next best-seller. There are epic finale death-depictions written right on the cards; users can also group and stack cards to formulate more dramatic depictions as they see fit. The illustrative examples on the card can be read aloud during tabletop roleplaying sessions or consulted to break the dreaded writer’s block.

In an effort to appeal to the broadest range of tabletop roleplaying games and situations, the Magic Description Cards are system neutral and gender neutral. The cards are organized in 15 suits, each corresponding to distinct “schools” or categories of magic such as Lightning, Frost, or Death. The adjectives and their examples are further broken up into three of the more common methods of distributing magic in tabletop RPGs: Area, Blast, and Touch. This proven design is reused from the previous Combat Description Cards Deck and allows for spot-on discovery of the perfect phrase.