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Friday Snippets

Friday! Woo!
And I entirely forgot to mention earlier that we're actually into Summer now. *gets out the Bermuda shorts and flip-flops*
And, being summer, it's time to bust out the hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and coleslaw. But while we're waiting for the grill to heat up, let's snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Salamander Doors and Hatches From Forge World, HeartBeat Dice Launching on Kickstarter Today, Purgatory reveals the faction artwork lineup, Cerberus Studios Launches Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter, Acheson Creations Viking Kickstarter Products Now Available, and New Releases Available From Y.F.T. Design Studio.

New Salamander Doors and Hatches From Forge World

Upgrade your trusty Land Raider or Thunderhawk Gunship to better represent the Salamanders with this set of 2 finely detailed resin side doors and a top hatch, each featuring sculpted Chapter iconography.

HeartBeat Dice Launching on Kickstarter Today

HeartBeat Dice's Pride Kickstarter will begin on June 22nd!

Purgatory reveals the faction artwork lineup

Purgatory has revealed the 4 cool artwork pieces that will adorn the up and coming faction boxes in time for the next Kickstarter! Each box represents something really different and you can choose your side to play in this fun skirmish game for 2 more players, where only 3 models can be used to play a basic game! It's up to you though, with a range of 25 models, you can play bigger, better games mixing and matching your crews in the ultimate build your crew exercise.

There is also an amazing giveaway today, so head over to the page and get involved in the War for Heaven

Cerberus Studios Launches Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter

We are a new fantasy miniature studio, ‘Cerberus Studios’, and we are delighted to announce the launch of our new introductory model range on Kickstarter.

Offering a selection of 32mm highly detailed resin miniatures, complimented by a large beast named ‘The Clawed Volitant’, we aim to capture your imaginations, combining heroes and villains, high fantasy and strong visuals.

Aiming at the gamer, collector and painter our initial line-up delivers a selection of miniatures in resin giving you, the hobbyist, a varied scope of characters to get stuck into.

We wanted to create a world with a wealth of characters and storylines to immerse and captivate you… so for the last year we have been working on bringing the first of a large range of miniatures/characters to life.

We have been completely self funded to get to this point and will aim to move forward with the money raised to deliver our next selection of characters and beasts. It is our intention, with your help, to use any raised funds towards 3D printing, casting, packaging and the distribution of this range.

The profits will go towards the realisation of a strong character cast, each developing into their own unique part in our story and becoming miniatures in their own right.

If the kickstarter goes beyond our expectations we will expand, creating new miniatures, game designs, and employ more artists to help realise our world and bring it to you.

With your help, we aim to release a whole host of characters, artworks, beasts, infantry and more.

Let the minis speak for themselves – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do creating them.

Acheson Creations Viking Kickstarter Products Now Available

During last year's Viking - Great Halls Burning Kickstarter, we designed all-new 28mm buildings, terrain, and over 50 new 28mm miniatures for accurate, historical wargaming in the Viking era.

We have completed shipments to our Kickstarter backers and are releasing them to the public over the next few weeks.

New Releases Available From Y.F.T. Design Studio

The first round of Metals are back from the casters, including the Zombie Characters, The Mercenary Highwaymen, Varian Blackwood, the new Uni-Tech / Caprican / D-Ranger Characters, AND the Perkunas Mining Corporation "Scarlet Midget" Cosplay Starship Crew (formally known as Red Sector) there are a few left after Orders too - but when they are gone they are gone, and I mean for good.

Now the "Plug" that was the Red Sector has been removed from the bottle neck, things can progress faster (In fact, the other pieces are up for pre-order again at the request of a few customers) - all these items can be found in the new "New Stuff" section of the Webstore