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Friday Snippets

What a great day. It's Weekend Eve, one of my favorite days of the week (as you all well know). I've got D&D tomorrow, and I'm more-than-ready to play (we'll be streaming again, for anyone interested). But before we get there, we need to finish this day off. And to do that, we should snack on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Models - New Italians Released, New Heads Available From Puppets War, and Weekend Promo At Bits of War.

Brigade Models - New Italians Released

We seem to be on a roll with our Aeronef updates as we gradually redesign the range. In between the major fleets, we’ve also found time to update some of the other fleets, and this week the Italians get an upgrade with new versions of their two battleships. The Re d’Italia and Guilo Cesare are smaller vessels, not up to the size of some of huge battlewagons of the major powers, but perfectly adequate to face off against the Austro-Hungarians in their seemingly permanent squabble over the Adriatic Sea.

As with all of our updates, the models now get separate turrets of a new design, which are also available as accessory packs. The hulls are resin, with metal funnels, tails, turrets and masts.

The Italian fleet pack has also been updated, and now contains a Re d’Italia, two Cesares and escorts

VANFP-1801 – Italian Fleet Pack – £22.00
VAN-1801 – Giulo Cesare class Light Battleship – £6.00
VAN-1802 – Re d’Italia class Battleship – £7.00
VAN-7181 – Italian Twin Turrets (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7182 – Italian Triple Turrets (x10) – £1.50

New Heads Available From Puppets War

Two new heads sets are available

Weekend Promo At Bits of War

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