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Friday Snippets

Man, this week really did go by fast, at least for me. That's certainly not a complaint, mind you. I'm always happy for the weekend. And, my dice came in. Though I'm not 100% sure what I've got on the schedule. I might go out and play some board games. I might stay in and do some more painting. I'm just not sure. But whatever I do, I know I've gotta have some bite-sized gaming stories to snack on beforehand.

Today on the platter we have: Faun Kickstarter Preparing to Start Again, Final Days For Dark Hold: Terror from the Black Isles RPG Kickstarter, and New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice.

Faun Kickstarter Preparing to Start Again

RGD GAMING LLC is reviving the 2017 Faun injection mold kick-starter in May, 2018.

This project is designed to offer 32mm plastic fauns to wargamers looking to field bestial male and female creatures on the table top. Wargamers will be able to pose them with bows, javelins, swords, spears and wicked two handed weapons.

To bolster them, the kickstarter is looking to add some support in the Minotaur Brute, the male and female shaman, and the coveted horse body conversion kit (in plastic) to allow centaurs. Plus some various other stretch goals to be announced.

Final Days For Dark Hold: Terror from the Black Isles RPG Kickstarter

Oiur Kickstarter Ends Sunday Night! Don't miss out!

Terror From the Black Isles
Every goblin knows to be careful sailing on Basin Bottom's Sea, especially around the Black Isles. Of course, no one knows what's actually on the Black Isles as no matter how far you sail you can never seem to reach them - until now. What strange creatures and unearthly terrors await you on the Black Isles?

Terror from the Black Isles is the third book in Rebel Minis Dark Hold Goblin Adventures series. The book is fully compatible with the Savage Worlds game system. The book contains a full adventure, locations, new equipment, creatures and a new racial template (not saying its Duckmen but...)

You can also enhance your game play with our full line of Duckmen minis which may or may not feature prominently in this book (they do...).

So, grab your gear and set sail for the Black Isles!

New Dice Sets Available From Kraken Dice

I just added these metal dice sets. I have 20 of each color in stock, they look and roll amazing.