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Friday Snippets

Woo! Friday! Woo!
My week went by quick. But, being busy, that'll happen. And there's certainly been plenty going on. It'll be nice to have a weekend to decompress. Though there's also Game Day up at the Milton Library tomorrow. We'll see if I make it out there.
Also thinking about making another cheesecake, because that's just where I'm at, culinarily these days.

But, if we're all gonna have a busy weekend, we should all fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Kromlech Weekend Promo on Glyphs, 10% Off Forged in Battle at 15mm Skirmish Supplies, and New Bases Available From Kromlech.

Kromlech Weekend Promo on Glyphs


Till the end of Sunday you can purchase our HDF Glyphs with 15% discount* !

HDF Glyphs: Skulls
HDF Glyphs: Orc Small Skullz'N'Stuff
HDF Glyphs: Chaos Star Symbol
HDF Glyphs: Omega Legion Symbol
HDF Glyphs: Imperial Eagles
HDF Glyphs: Stygian Symbols
HDF Glyphs: Sons of Thor Symbols

10% Off Forged in Battle at 15mm Skirmish Supplies

I'm very happy to announce that 15mm Skirmish Supplies is now supplying Forged in Battle's 15mm World War 2 range, all with a 10% discount of RRP as standard. So whether you are looking to reinforce your American Paratroopers; command a Char B1 bis in the Battle for France; or resisting invading forces in the Polish September Campaign there is something here for you.

New Bases Available From Kromlech


Hi, today we have released six more resin bases products and those are all round 32mm, so that you have a choice :)