Friday Snippets

What a crazy week. Monday off. Tuesday in the office. Wednesday and Thursday at home because of the snow. Today's back in the office, as I checked the hill at the entrance to my place late Thursday and it'd finally melted enough you could get out. So yeah, kinda odd schedule, but waddyagonnado? It's winter. That kinda stuff's gonna happen. It's also gonna be 60 tomorrow, because this is still Georgia. Also, tomorrow, I'm gonna be doing some gaming. I hope you are, too. And if you're going to be gaming, you're going to want to be well-fed on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Leader Ratss-M1 Battle Tank Now Available From Ratgard, Voting Underway For Best Casual Game of 2017, and Skeleton Warriors Up On Kickstarter.

Leader Ratss-M1 Battle Tank Now Available From Ratgard

LeaderRatss-M1 Battle Tank is upgrade version of LeaderRatss battle tank. Include hull, track and sponson weapons.

This set have 68 resin kits and 1 metal barrel. Can make a complete LeaderRatss-M1 Battle Tank

This set is 68$, shipping to the worldwide

Voting Underway For Best Casual Game of 2017

There are many game awards out there, from the Spiel des Jahres to the Golden Geek Awards and everything in between. While these awards recognize many great games, we have found that our favorite casual games have often gone under-represented, especially in the United States.

As a representative of casual board gaming, we want to change that. In recent months, we introduced our Recommended and Revolutionary awards to recognize great casual games. Now, it is our pleasure to introduce the first annual Best Casual Game of the Year award!

Skeleton Warriors Up On Kickstarter

Skeleton Warriors presents the first download & print models from Neptune Studio! Included in your Kickstarter pledge are four heroically proportioned fantasy skeletons. The cunning commander, deadly ranger, savage barbarian, and vile cleric.