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Friday Snippets

The weekend is almost upon us! I'm already getting my gaming on today. I'll be playing some of the Munchkin CCG, as well as perhaps some of the Fallout board game. That's before I go over to a friend's place tomorrow to deliver some late Christmas presents (ok, really late)... they're games. So hopefully we'll play them some. But if I'm going to be doing all this gaming, I should be well-fed. Good thing I've got some gaming stories to nosh on. Including cotton candy dice. Yes, I ordered these dice this morning. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice

Today on the platter we have: Cotton Candy Dice Available From Kraken Dice, Goblin Factory Releases New Goblins, and Magnetic Days - 25% DISCOUNT On Magnetic Gear At Tabletop-Art.

Cotton Candy Dice Available From Kraken Dice

The Cotton Candy dice officially launched about 10 minutes ago. We sold 15 sets in the first six minutes, they might be gone by tomorrow since only 400 sets were made. The gift set in the glass jar will probably be gone in the next 6 hours since they are limited to 50 and numbered.

Goblin Factory Releases New Goblins

Welcome to 2018, hope the break was good to you (if you had a break).

This week sees our re-commencement of the 28mm Goblin Factory Fantasy Goblin range. This will be the first of many Goblin Factory releases for the year of 2018.
New Goblins
Our first release is the Unarmoured Goblins on foot, all with axes. These come in a pack of five individually posed miniatures and sell for $10.00 AUD.

Magnetic Days - 25% DISCOUNT On Magnetic Gear At Tabletop-Art

If you want to magnetize your miniatures then this is a good time to do it! :)

We give a 25% discount on all magnetic foils, magnetic foil sets, ferrofoil and metal movement trays.