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Friday Snippets

Well, the blustery weather from yesterday is gone. Now it's just cold. Hopefully the storm didn't hit you all too bad. I've got various friends up north that are dealing with the aftermath, but it's all not too terribly bad stuff. Though I doubt many are going to be heading to the LGS. Well, they can still stay in and game. And while gaming, they can snack on these bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Flying Stands Available From Warlord Games, Acolyte Miniatures Previews New Cleric Robert de Foresta Mini, New Kill Team Special Weapons Packs Available From Victoria Miniatures, Tabletop-Art Previews Heart-Blood Sucking Vampire, and Brigade Models Release New British Aeronef.

New Flying Stands Available From Warlord Games

Mount up and fly your own conversions into battle with the clear plastic flying stands from Warlord Games.

Acolyte Miniatures Previews New Cleric Robert de Foresta Mini

How is everyone? We hope your year has started off well.

We thought you might like to see what is coming next in the fantasy range. This is the brand new version of Cleric Robert de Foresta. He is currently being cast and will be released shortly.

What do you think of him?

New Kill Team Special Weapons Packs Available From Victoria Miniatures

All Vic Minis 5 man and 5 woman Squads now have the option to be equipped with the Kill Team Special Weapons Pack, so get your specialists kitted out now

Tabletop-Art Previews Heart-Blood Sucking Vampire

Coming soon - Heart blood sucking vampire
The vampire is in the scale of 30mm. It will be available as resin and tin kit.

Brigade Models Release New British Aeronef

As promised, the British are the latest Aeronef fleet to start receiving upgrades (this was supposed to happen at the end of last year but the arrival of the Slammers Regiment delayed things a little). The first of the old models to be replaced is the Victoria class Heavy Battleship with its three large triple gun turrets and pair of carried E-8 torpedo boats. In keeping with our other new Aeronef, the new model has a resin hull and separate metal fittings including turrets, masts and funnels. Accompanying the Victoria is the all-new Albert class Battleship, which shares a basic hull plan but exchanges the torpedo boats for an extra main turret. Phil had always planned to make this model when we released the original Victoria, and his grand design is now finally a reality.

The Victoria’s E-8 torpedo boats are now available separately in sets of three for £1.50. They have also been redesigned to the same standard as their parent craft. And while we were at it, it made sense to redesign the other two British small craft since they can all share a mould. So the Stingray torpedo nef and Abingdon patrol nef have had a makeover too – both are also now sold in threes, although the price per model (£0.50) remains the same as before.

We’ve created a new fleet pack, the imaginatively-named British Fleet Pack #4 which contains a Victoria, an Albert and six escort vessels. The British Torpedo Flotilla has been slightly changed – it now contains three Stingrays, three E-8s and a Cossack frigate as flotilla leader plus bases.

And finally, we also have packs of Imperial Skies acrylic laser-cut Altitude and Command markers. These were originally only available to Kickstarter supporters, and we've now had some sets made for new players.

VANFP-106 – British Fleet Pack #4 – £22.00
VANFP-112 – British Torpedo Flotilla – £4.50

VAN-110 – Stingray class Torpedo Nef (x3) – £1.50
VAN-113 – Abingdon class Patrol Nef (x3) – £1.50
VAN-117 – Victoria class Heavy Battleship – £9.00
VAN-120 – Albert class Dreadnought – £9.00
VAN-121 – E-8 class Torpedo Nef (x3) – £1.50

ISK-012 – Altitude Markers (x20) – £4.50
ISK-013 – Command Counters (x20) – £4.50