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Friday Snippets

Fridaaaaaaay! And man, I worked like mad yesterday, but there's still tons to do. And you should see what my grocery list looks like for tomorrow. We'll see if I can fit everything into my little Chevy Aveo. I might have to do it in two goes. But that's for tomorrow (and into next week). At the moment, it's about getting some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Khurasan releases 15mm West Sudanese, New Version of PaintMyMinis App Now Available, Comet Lord Miniatures: Legendary Monsters Up On Kickstarter, and Trolls & Goblins by Aenor Miniatures Up On Kicsktarter.

Khurasan releases 15mm West Sudanese

We're pleased to release a complete range of 15mm West Sudanese, representing the great empires in the western part of immediately sub-Saharan Africa in the medieval and renaissance periods. These included the Mali, Gao, Songhai, Bornu and Kanem Empires, and fought each other, tribes to the south, the Arab powers on the other side of the Sahara, and eventually the Europeans during the age of exploration.

This was a time when "Timbuktu" was a great city in the Mali Empire, and not a synonym for "the end of the world!"

The armies were made up of swarms of tribal infantry archers shooting poisoned arrows, but could field very large numbers of highly mobile light and medium cavalry as well. Supporting troops included infantry swordsmen and javelinmen, and there were elite heavily protected foot and mounted spearmen as well. Some West Sudanese empires, such as Bornu and Kanem, preferred large numbers of close order spearmen with big shields rather than archers as an infantry core. These armies have long been popular with wargamers because of the very interesting mix of troop types, but gamers have always had to fudge on representation in 15mm, so we decided to make dedicated figurines. (Even the oft-used stampeding cattle.)

Too large a range to fully preview, so head over to the store page to check it out.

New Version of PaintMyMinis App Now Available

a new version of the miniature painting app PaintMyMinis has been released!
To celebrate the new version, PaintyMinis 1.4 is going to be FREE on Saturday 18th November 2017 and the week afterwards at a reduced price.

Comet Lord Miniatures: Legendary Monsters Up On Kickstarter

Comet Lord Miniatures is seeking to fund the production of its first line of miniatures through this Kickstarter campaign.

This campaign will start with 2 miniatures including 'The Giant Mimic' and 'The Eye Sovereign'. Hopefully we'll expand this into a full series of miniatures through some stretch goals!

Trolls & Goblins by Aenor Miniatures Up On Kicsktarter

Things are getting serious at Aenor Miniatures' Trolls & Goblins Kickstarter, as after unlocking a Wizard, we are trying to unlock a second Troll!

You can pledge for 5, 10 or 20 Goblins. If you get 10 or 20 you'll have some doubles for now, but they'll be swapped for new models when they are unlocked, including some characters (there are 8 goblins unlocked for now).
You can pledge for Trolls separately or add them to a Goblin pledge.

The trolls are cast in resin whereas the Goblins are available in both metal and resin .

With 25 days to go I hope we can unlock many more of them!