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Friday Snippets

And here we are again. Friday: threshold to the weekend. I'm sure many of you are gearing up for a weekend of gaming, possibly starting as early as when you get off of work. I'm looking to spend tomorrow at the LGS, hopefully getting in some games of Guild Ball and Bushido. But whatever your gaming vice might be, it's best to top off with some bite-sized gaming stories before diving in.

Today on the platter we have: THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer Up On Kickstarter, New Sisters of Eternal Mercy Available From Raging Heroes, New Cobblestone Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, New Flocking/Basing System Available From Fontline Games, New 28mm Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943, Open Game Master Looking To Bring Drop-In D&D To The Masses, and It's Bomber Month at PicoArmor.

THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer Up On Kickstarter

Impudent Mortal has redefined hobby organization with a system for all of your tools, paint, and bits that is both modular and mobile!

New Sisters of Eternal Mercy Available From Raging Heroes

Finally, here they are! As these heroines have been sent to the Kickstarters backers for quite some time now, Raging Heroes stops the teasing and release 6 brand new models from their latest TGG2 Kickstarter. Let's get into this month first release with the Sci-Fi Sisters Heroines, called the Sisters Of Eternal Mercy:
• Arthenya VI The Archpapess
• Sister Altarii
• The Huntress
• Sister Trematta, Field Resurrectrix
• Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess
• Santa Dolores
Available as usual in individual blisters, these beauties are also available in 2 different character boxes, that will allow you to save over 22%!

New Cobblestone Bases Available From Tabletop-Art

We are expanding our base set Cobblesone with many more sizes: 25mm, 25mm DEAL, 32mm, 32mm DEAL, 40mm, 40mm DEAL, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm 1, 60mm 2, 80mm, 120mm Oval 1, 130mm, 170mm Oval.

New Flocking/Basing System Available From Fontline Games

Our new "Scenic Tub" Miniature Basing System gives you everything you need to add detail and character to your miniature bases. Choose from an array of materials such as Forest Floor or Green Meadows blends, Dark Soil, Desert Sand, Large Rocks or even Ruined Stone Slab Rubble! You can also mix and match them for a natural scenic effect. Add our specially formulated Basing Solution to easily apply flock, rocks and other items to your miniature bases and give them a nice durable finish. As a bonus, you will receive your basing material in these convenient stackable tubs for easy identification and storage.

New 28mm Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943

Out next week and available to pre-order now, the Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943.

Due to the lack of anti-tank weaponry and the losses on the Eastern Front, the Romanian Army required a type of weapon to replace these losses and supplement existing equipment that could be built in Romania. A third prototype that combined the best elements of captured Soviet weapons and existing Romanian equipment performed well in tests - better than the German PaK 40 and to the Soviet ZIS 1941 76.2mm - and entered production in December, 1943. Few were manufactured - less than 400 - and the gun first saw operational use in the Spring of 1944.

Three crew included. Base not included. 28mm. Figures sculpted by Alan Marsh. Gun by Oliver Piotrowski.

Open Game Master Looking To Bring Drop-In D&D To The Masses

The Open Game Master is a live tabletop roleplaying show where everyone can watch and play for free!

Watch the adventure unfold as teams of players step into the game and pit their characters against fearsome foes. Create your own character and step into the fold yourself!

This is not your ordinary livestreaming show! This is a game where you can be the adventurer, and you can be part of the action!

Broadcast live on Twitch, players both new and old can come together in parties of up to six, playing in hour-long slots with several slots played each stream session.

When chosen, players connect directly with the Open Game Master via Discord and Roll20, and are taken into the game world. The obstacles, traps, and hazards that face the players are unknown, and there are sure to be many seeking to prevent passage deeper into the game. Whether you are playing or watching, you are sure to be in for a wild ride.

We are almost ready to launch, and to try and build up some support for the initial launch we are running a Kickstarter until October 11th to replace some wonky technology and furnish the board with props.

It's Bomber Month at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s September releases are now in stock.

WWH-6133 Ju 188 (6 pcs) - medium bomber, developed from the Ju 88

WUS-669 B-24D Liberator (2 pcs) - heavy bomber, initial variant
WUS-670 B-24J Liberator (2 pcs) - later version with nose turret
WUS-671 B-25J Mitchell (6 pcs) - late model with better defensive armament
WUS-672 B-26 Marauder (6 pcs) - US medium bomber