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Friday Snippets

We have made it to the weekend. Well, almost, anyway. Just gotta finish up today and we'll get there. It'll be fine. But to make sure we can get to the cool stuff of the weekend, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Last Sword Miniatures' Reichguard Knights Now Available, Light Fleet Dice Case Up On Kickstarter, Sledgehammer BFG Now Available From Victoria Miniatures, New EuroFed Spaceships Available From Brigade Models, and Khurasan Releases 15mm Federal Army Experimental Battalion.

Last Sword Miniatures' Reichguard Knights Now Available


Now that our Kickstarter is finished and sent, Reichguard Knighs are avariable in our online store to everyone. Besides our scenic bases have been added.

Light Fleet Dice Case Up On Kickstarter

This time we take our enthusiasm of Sci-Fi to a whole new level! Please allow us to introduce you "The Light Fleet Dice Case - the ultimate dice case from future".

In 2015 July we launched “Space Roller: The futuristic dice for your Sci-Fi games”, with 3308 backers' help we were able to make it reality. After spending 15 months on design and have worked on many versions to push the design to exceed extraordinary, we are now proudly present to you “The Light Fleet Dice Case: The Ultimate Dice Case from Future”.

Sledgehammer BFG Now Available From Victoria Miniatures

The mighty Sledgehammer BFG Multi part styrene plastic and 'Bones' boxed kit, is now available for the Victoria Miniatures Online store. Later this year this kit will also be available from Reaper Miniatures and some Reaper stockists.
This huge cannon kit includes:
Plastic (hard styrene) cannon
'Bones' plastic crew
Round plastic bases for crew
Large oval plastic base for cannon
Presentation packaging
Cannon designed and sculpted by Jake Schneider, Crew by Victoria Lamb.
Resin edition crew and upgrade accessory kits available from Victoria Miniatures.

New EuroFed Spaceships Available From Brigade Models

We brought out the first wave of our resculpted EuroFed spaceships in time for Salute, but this only replaced a small part of the existing fleet. Today we have a pair of capital ships, new versions of the Liberté battleship and Cerbere light carrier. These two have changed in design more than some of the other new models, being based on a similar hull that has the same design styling as the Milano and Umberto. At the other end of the scale we also have the diminutive Comète starfighter, tiny but with an amazing amount of detail for something so small.

The release also includes a fleet pack containing a Liberté and a Cerbere along with escorts, fighters and bases.

SFS-400 – Liberté class Battleship – £6.00
SFS-411 – Cerbere class Light Carrier – £6.00
SFS-460 – Comète class Interceptor (pack of 12) – £1.50

SFSP-401 – EuroFed Fleet Pack #1 – £22.00

Khurasan Releases 15mm Federal Army Experimental Battalion

We are very pleased to release our latest 15mm Sci fi miniatures, the Federal Army Experimental Battalion (ExBat). These are very high tech forces experimentally deployed at battalion level, very advanced grav vehicles and infantry "drone" (actually robotic) infantry. Limited numbers of super-elite special forces termed "Treaty Troops" also operate with the ExBats. There's a complete background write-up for these forces on the web page as well.

Available now.