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Friday Snippets

And here we are once more. It's Friday. And I'm having a conversation with a friend in Wales about chip butty, because that's how life works sometimes. It's really got me wanting some poutine, actually. ... or just anything, I'm starving. Well, before I head out of here to get some lunch, I should snack on some bite-sized gaming stories. Otherwise, I'll spend like $100 buying everything on the menu.

Today on the platter we have: New New Austro-Hungarian Aeronef Available From Brigade Models, New Bottles Available from Kromlech, and Cinematic Soundeffect- Music symphonic Compsitions for Tabletop and Boardgames.

New New Austro-Hungarian Aeronef Available From Brigade Models

As the next stage in our gradual resculpting of the Aeronef range, we’re pleased today to be able to release five new capital ships for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Three of the models replace the existing battleship designs - the Erzherzog Ferdinand Max, Budapest and Szent István classes. All have new resin hulls with the customary collection of metal fittings – turrets, masts, funnels and tails.

The two new models are the Viribus Unitas dreadnought, which may be familiar to more venerable Aeronef gamers – long ago I wrote an article on our website about converting a Ferdinand Max model to the Viribus Unitas class by extending the hull and adding to the armament. This version of the Viribus is similarly an extended Ferdinand with an extra main turret. Finally, and largest of all, the Habsburg class utilises the semi-rigid dirigible hull of the Kaiserin class fighter carrier, but replaces the flight deck with a substantial mixed main battery, and the flank anti-fighter turrets are replaced by eight secondary gun turrets.

The three existing models are already in fleet packs, and we’ve created an extra fleet pack with a Habsburg and Viribus Unitas in, along with escorts. Although the older models are technically being retired, they’ll still be available to anyone who already has some and wants compatible models – just go to the page for the new versions and scroll down, then you’ll see a link allowing you to buy the old version.

VAN-704 – Erzherzog Ferdinand Max – £7.00
VAN-706 – Budapest – £6.00
VAN-708 – Szent István – £7.00
VAN-714 – Habsburg – £9.00
VAN-715 – Viribus Unitas – £7.50

VANFP-704 – Austro-Hungarian Fleet Pack #3 – £22.00

VANF-703 – Austrian Empire Flags – £0.50

New Bottles Available from Kromlech

we have some new releases today :)
Orc Bottles
Human Bottles
Alchemic Bottles
Each set contains 14 resin bottles that can be used to decorate miniatures, bases or scenery. Both fantasy and SF. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale.

Cinematic Soundeffect- Music symphonic Compsitions for Tabletop and Boardgames

The idea for Tabletop "musicSound"© originated with the thought that the playing of a Tabletop or a board game becomes even more thrilling with soundtracks and sound effects - We call it "musicSound"©.
The music and the sound effects are adapted to the respective epoch and are suitable to various games.

We will offer "musicSound"© for the following epochs: Ancient times, Viking, Middle Ages, Fantasy, the Napoleonic age, world war I / II, science fiction and Steampunk.
The music files are in mp3 format and can be played back with the help of an mp-3 player combined with USB-, Bluetooth- or line-in speaker-systems.

As a small and nice side effect you are able to integrate the loudspeakers with model construction accessories and colours into the Tabletop scenery.