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Friday Snippets

It feels like a short week, but it's certainly been a busy week. Yesterday, got pulled aside for a vital project before the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game Kickstarter launches later this month. That was a cool couple of hours. But yeah, just been busy all-around. Ready for that weekend! Gonna be making some dark-chocolate-orange confections (cookies, candy sticks, and candied orange peel) over the weekend. ... Might make some gumbo, too. Haven't gotten that far ahead. But when making that stuff, I should fill up on some bite-size gaming stories, so I don't eat all the cookie dough or something.

Today on the platter we have: Red Republic Games Previews Special Arena Rex Dice, Everlasting Wet Palette Coming To Kickstarter, The Board Game Table Mat by Tabletop Companion Now Available, Final Day for DeepWars Kickstarter Campaign, Dice Rolling Tool Up Online, and Brigade Models release 6mm Combat Cars.

Red Republic Games Previews Special Arena Rex Dice

Here's a look at our organized play favor dice for 2017. Playing in our gencon event? Perform impressive feats in the arena and you'll be rewarded with these beauties.

Later this year we'll be releasing an oft-requested prize support package for organized play events around the world. These dice will be part of that package and will be altered every year so you can track your career in the arena.

Everlasting Wet Palette Coming To Kickstarter

EverlastingWetPalette is the first wet palette for miniature painting designed for enthusiastic and pro-painters.

You buy the best brushes, the best paints and the best miniatures, but when it comes to the wet palette itself, you have to use kitchen parchment paper or wax paper on a plate.

That's why, we have developed a multi-layer polymeric membrane fully reusable. It will bring you the best hydration and it will last.

The Board Game Table Mat by Tabletop Companion Now Available

Are you tired of constantly having to adjust modular game tiles as they shift during game play? Now you don’t have to. In addition to a traditional felted surface, the Board Game Mat can be flipped over and used as a nonslip gaming surface that holds tiles in place so you can focus on playing. Get the Complete Game Mat Set to create a nonslip area for board game tiles surrounded by a felted gaming area for organizing cards and other game pieces.

Final Day for DeepWars Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter project for DeepWars - Hunters of the Abyss is reaching the finish line, having funded a highly detailed submarine model and many other new miniatures for DeepWars like the vicious Sea Troll, Sea Dog Corsair and Ginny Greenteeth, the Sea Hag. The campaign is progressing through stretch goals and reaching for some that are just out of reach. Come pledge for this project to help unlock the new models, like the Sea Wraith submarine for the Ancients of Atalán, the wild and deadly Deepstar Kraken and possibly even the massive Coelomech bio-sub for the Dark Mariners. Dice Rolling Tool Up Online

If you've ever been curious about the relationship between dice and the chance of an outcome, is worth checking out. Not only does it handle the probability breakdown of any dice expression, but it also conveniently includes the chance of `at least` some value and `at most` some value. For example, the classic D&D method of 4d6 drop lowest 1, has an 89.5% chance of at least a 9, with an exact chance of a 9 of 7%. also supports exploding (rolling again and adding) or re-rolling which can really change the shape of the curves dramatically. Check it out to better understand how the dice effect the games we love.

Brigade Models release 6mm Combat Cars

Today we’re releasing two new vehicles for our 6mm Mercenary Brigade force, bringing the small-scale range into line with their 15mm counterparts.

The first is the Mantra Cavalry Vehicle. Based on the drive train of the Shaman tank, this is an open-topped fast recce vehicle which dispenses huge amounts of firepower from the three crew-served gatlings in the rear compartment. The gunners are protected from shrapnel by an overhead splinter screen. The Shinigami is the Mantra’s predecessor, essentially an extended jeep with two gatlings in the unprotected rear deck.

Both models are metal castings with separate guns. The Mantra’s splinter screen is an etched-brass piece – it just needs to be cut out of its frame and the legs bent downwards 90°, which then pop into position on the chassis with a drop of superglue. Both models are available individually or in a Recce Troop pack containing six of each model along with a pair of Wizard jeeps.

SF300-1506 – Mantra Cavalry Vehicle – £1.00
SF300-1510 – Shinigami Combat Car – £0.60
IC-1516 – Mercenary Scout Troop – £9.50